Apps That Help You Make Your Goals Happen

We live in a time where technology has become an extension of the human conscious – we use our devices to help us in almost all aspects of our lives, from fitness and dating, to nutrition and education. However, electronics can serve as a double-edged blade, and often we can find ourselves losing track of our individual goals in favor of scrolling through mindless media and unproductive habits. The following are a collection of applications that will help you stay on track and make progress with your personal ambitions.

Workout Apps

These are a great resource for workout videos and example routines which will keep you on track for your fitness progress, whether it be losing weight, building muscle or getting toned up. These can offer great follow along programs you can perform at home without equipment, or alternatively in the gym with informative instructions on how to safely lift weights or operate the machinery. These are brilliant, often free and can really make a difference in helping you along your fitness journey. There are a wide range to choose from depending on your activity levels, fitness ambitions and body type. Some cater to men or women exclusively, and others provide uniform advice for those looking to become a little healthier.

Cooking Apps

These are exploding right now as we see a surge in preferring home-cooking to cheap and nutritionally weak ready meals or take out. These apps provide detailed recipes to improve your home skills and give you a new creative outlet which is both rewarding in its taste and enjoyment. Learning to cook can feel frustrating or disappointing on your own but can seem easy as pie with a virtual assistant to guide you along. Not only is this a good step to make in your health, but it can also impress your peers and give you a sense of satisfaction in your own goals that is easy to obtain.

Mindfulness Apps

Mental wellbeing has recently been brought to the forefronts of our minds by medical professionals, as an aspect of our health we have been severely neglecting for generations. Looking after yourself through mindfulness and introspection really helps you get a grasp on your thoughts and feelings, allowing you clarity and focus which set you on a smoother path to your goals. It has also been proven to help alleviate anxiety and stress, which inhibit your progress and often prove a detriment in many fields of life – financial, emotional and physical.

Productivity Apps

It can be really hard to distinguish down time and work time on your devices. Different notifications might pop up while you check your emails, and next thing you know you’re headfirst down a rabbit hole of endless scrolls and taps. This absentminded inclination for procrastination is really unhealthy when it comes to committing yourself to work and accomplishing your goals. Distractions that can be detriments to your progress can be really difficult to manually weed out or ignore, which is why a stay focused app like Blocksite is a really useful item to download, as it allows you absolute control of your time, ensuring you stay disciplined and focused on your devices to help you meet your goals.

Hydration Apps

These are great to ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Depending on your stature, around two liters a day is recommended for your health. Drinking water has a myriad of different benefits surrounding health, from weight to sleep quality and skin conditions. Therefore, an app which reminds you to drink the correct volume throughout the day is great to have on your home screen. Some have fun visual elements like plants for you to water along with drinking some yourself, and others send short, easy reminders which allow you to get into the habit of drinking more.

Walking Apps

These are a great way to prevent yourself slipping into a sedentary lifestyle – a much too common occurrence of those who spend a lot of time at desks or computers. Office workers, students, and a good portion of the older demographic find it hard to get up and get the advised number of steps in a day – many say around 10,000. Luckily there are apps which remind you to stand up every so often and take a small walk. These small changes will get you into a more active routine which gently improves your overall health, without much effort at all on your part.

Give some of these apps a go (or all of them!) and see how fast your productivity improves. You will see a transformation in your mood, efficiency, and general health through which you will be eternally grateful we live in the modern age where you can make the most of technology and allow it to have positive impacts on your life as a whole.