American Idol Season 10 Episode 17 ‘Elimination Night’

Tonight is always a tough night. You go into the show knowing someone is going home and you can never be certain that your favorite won’t be sent packing. No one is safe. Although tonight’s elimination probably came as a surprise to no one, it was still a pretty emotional moment. Let’s get started with what took place tonight.

Ryan asks everyone to wave to Casey.

Casey’s in the Hospital

The show started off on a sad and concerning note. Shortly after introducing the top 13, Ryan pointed out one contestant noticeably absent from the stage – early favorite, Casey Abrams. For the second time in only two weeks, Casey was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains. In a tweet later in the evening, Casey said he’s feeling better but required another blood transfusion. It will be an absolute shame is Casey has to drop out of the competition for health reasons, but it definitely sounds like his medical condition – whatever it may be – is nothing to mess around with. Take care of yourself first, Casey. We want you to stay, but we’ll still love you if you leave!

The Top 13 Move In!

The Contestants Move In

Following the sad news about Casey’s health emergency, the show moves on to a happier subject – the Idol house. The clip package of the kids moving into the new house was a nice happy moment in an episode that promised lots of drama. It was great to see everyone genuinely loving their new surroundings.

The Top 13 (minus Casey)

The Group Number and Ford Video/Commercial

This is always my most loathed part of Idol. The group songs are far too cheesy and over the top. I’m also not big on the fact that everyone lip-syncs. I can understand it – lots of running around and whatnot – but I definitely don’t like it. This is a singing competition. The only thing worse than the group number is the cheesy glorified commercials the contestants have to perform in. Again, I can understand the necessity for them as Idol is an expensive show to produce and the kids all seem to have fun making them, but it’s just a little tacky.

Amanda Seyfried in the house!

Red Riding Hood Premiere

It’s no secret that Idol uses a lot of filler on elimination night and tonight was no exception. The ‘Red Riding Hood’ premiere feature and the mini-interview with the film’s star, Amanda Seyfried, was actually a lot of fun though. I liked seeing the Idol contestants on the red carpet and seeing them getting star struck. I thought it was not only a great introduction for them to the type of thing they may have to encounter as they climb the ladder to fame, but it was also a nice reminder that, above all else, they’re just kids that are suddenly being thrown into the middle of this crazy situation.

Cruel. Just cruel.

The Tension Begins

With the commercials out of the way, the first of the night’s ‘safe’/’in danger’ announcements are made. I swore I heard Ryan say he was calling out the bottom three contestants and nearly crapped my pajama pants when Stefano and Jacob were two of the names called forward. I was expecting Karen to be eliminated, but Jacob and Stefano? My husband pointed out there was no way Jacob was going home, so I calmed down. In what may have been the single cruelest moment I’ve ever seen on Idol, Ryan stated “You’re all safe…” the contestants rejoiced “…except… except… except…”

The celebration paused.


Okay, so I wasn’t surprised, but poor Karen. That was just mean. Completely unnecessary. Not cool, Idol. Not cool.

Adam Lambert returns to Idol.

Adam Lambert Performs ‘Aftermath’

Adam Lambert returned to Idol tonight to perform an incredible, beautiful and moving rendition of ‘Aftermath’ from his 2009 album ‘For Your Entertainment’. It really isn’t hard to tell James Durbin draws a lot of inspiration from him, but no one – and I mean no one – does it like Adam. He’s simply amazing. James has really been impressing me over the last few performances and is finding his own voice. I think one day I could be writing about James the same way I write about Adam.

Lauren, Ashton and Haley wait to hear their Idol fate.

More Contestants Take Center Stage

As Lauren, Ashthon and Haley are called forward, it was a little hard to guess who was going to be safe and who was going to be at risk. It seemed almost certain that one would be in the bottom three while two would be safe but with Idol, nothing is certain. All three girls turned in far from their best performances, but Lauren got the votes she needed to stay in the game. Not really surprising as she’s heavily favored as the woman to take the whole show even if she did pick a bad song. Glad to see her stay.

In jeopardy.

Tension and a Performance by Diddy

While it was good news for Lauren, someone has to be sent home. Both Haley and Ashthon were sent to wait with Karen while Diddy-Dirty Money took the stage. Wonder if that was at all awkward for Jennifer considering her history with Diddy. Anyway, that’s beside the point. It was a good performance (loved the lyrics of the song) and all, but I was more interested in what would happen next. Last night I predicted Karen would be sent home and I was thinking I still might be right.

Seacrest really knows how to build suspense.

Down to Two

Right away, Karen was told she was safe. Right away, I was upset. Karen is a fine vocalist, I love her personality and she’s a beautiful girl, but again, there are definitely stronger vocalists in the group. Was there an upset coming? Well… not entirely. Haley was told she was safe and Ashthon was given the chance to sing her last chance song in hopes of becoming the judge’s first and only ‘save’ of the season.

Ashthon Jones' Final Idol Performance

Were You Surprised?

The fact that Ashthon chose the song the judges didn’t care for last night and the fact that she was only still in the competition because the judge’s chose her as a wild card gave me little hope that they’d save her again. America clearly just wasn’t feeling her and right or wrong, their votes are what really count at this point. What bugs me is her performance tonight was infinitely better than her performance last night.

Jennifer breaks the news? Really?

Ashthon Learns Her Fate

Not surprisingly, Ashthon is told she will not be ‘saved’ from elimination. She’s a beautiful girl with a lot of talent, though. You definitely haven’t seen the last of her. What surprised me was that they had Jennifer deliver the news. After her meltdown over Chris Medina I would’ve figured Randy or Steven would’ve been a better choice to tell her it was the end of the line.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Should Ashthon have been the one sent home? Who do you think will go home next? Sound off in the comments section below and share this post on Facebook and Twitter.


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