American Idol Season 10 Episode 14 ‘The Top Twelve Girls Perform’

With the guys taking the stage in Tuesday night’s American Idol, it was the girls’ time to shine last night and shine they did. There were some major disappointments and some major star moments – and if you haven’t seen the episode, you may be shocked to learn who fell into which category. Let’s jump right in.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson Top Twelve Performance

01. Ta-Tynisa Wilson

For anyone that read my review of the top 24 episode, you know I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Ta-Tynisa getting a spot for the girls. I felt Hollie Cavanagh would’ve been a better fit, among others. Watching Ta-Tynisa’s performance from last night of Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl In the World’, I couldn’t help thinking I might’ve been right.  Perhaps it was just a bad song for her, but this girl has never been a stand out for me. Steven and Jennifer didn’t agree; praising her performance. Randy, on the other hand, felt she didn’t do anything special. I will admit she got the crowd on her side and had great stage presence, but her voice just wasn’t there for me. In fact, I almost completely forgot her performance by the end of the show. Not the best of the night by a long shot, but not the worst either.

Naima Adedapo Top Twelve Performance

02. Naima Adedapo

Naima followed Ta-Tynisa’s performance with her rendition of Ella Fitzgerald’s classic ‘Summertime’ and honestly, I loved it. I thought she had charisma and her voice was wonderful. I also loved her dress (which she designed herself). Naima has been my favorite girl in the competition from the beginning and she delivered once again last night. The judges liked it although Randy was a little iffy on it. Was her performance the best of the night? No, but it was solid and I think showed America exactly who she is as an artist.

Kendra Chantelle Top Twelve Performance

03. Kendra Chantelle

Kendra wasn’t really a stand out for me for most of the competition, but I like her voice and I like her style. Her performance of ‘Impossible’ by Christina Aguilera left me feeling a little cold though. She sounded beautiful, but there was nothing really memorable about it. She has a familiar look and even a familiar sound and sadly, I don’t think her performance last night did anything to set her apart from the pack. Randy and Steven loved her, but Jennifer feels she has greater potential. I agree, but I think the time to reach that potential was this week and she fell short.

Rachel Zevita Top Twelve Performance

04. Rachel Zevita

Rachel, I’m sorry to say, was a big disappointment last night. She has been up and down for me, but I expected more. The worst part is that it wasn’t her voice or her energy I didn’t like, but the song choice. Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’ is one of my favorite songs and Rachel stripped the heart, angst and fire out of it – effectively turning it into a cabaret act. I think many people who watched will have felt the same way and that’s what will seal her fate. The judges didn’t like it either. Even so, it was far from the show’s lowest point or the biggest disappointment.

Karen Rodriguez Top Twelve Performance

05. Karen Rodriguez

I like Karen. I loved her rendition of ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey. It’s impossible not to compare the performer with the original artist when the perform such a well known song, but Karen lived up to expectations and perhaps even exceeded them. She put a lot of herself into it. The addition of the Spanish lyrics was a bold move that represented who she is as an artist. I liked it, but I’m sure there will be those out there that didn’t. It would be a shame if that cost her votes.

Lauren Turner Top Twelve Performance

06. Lauren Turner

Oh Lauren Turner – you just came out of nowhere, didn’t you? I love everything about this girl. Her song choice last night was so fitting it was ridiculous and her performance of it was so energetic and wonderful. It was everything you want in an Idol performance. It wasn’t all about the vocals – which Lauren definitely has – but the performance itself. She had energy and charisma. I fell in love all over again. Randy and Steven loved it but Jennifer wanted more personality. I’m not sure I agree. Lauren was a highlight.

Ashthon Jones Top Twelve Performance

07. Ashthon Jones

It’s hard to find fault with Ashthon. Every time she hits the stage, it’s magic. With that said, I honestly was expecting more from her last night. After her last couple performances, I thought she’d floor me. She was one of the best of the evening – tons of personality, charisma and confidence, but her vocals could’ve been a bit stronger. Randy says she could’ve tackled something bigger and I think I agree. I think that’s what the performance was missing for me – the moment that reminded me why I love her so much. All the same, great performance, just not quite what we’ve come to expect of this incredible talented performer.

Julie Zorrilla Top Twelve Performance

08. Julie Zorrilla

I don’t know what happened here. Julie’s performance of ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly Clarkson was painful to watch. She wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t the show stopper I expected her to be. I have been a fan since her audition but in recent episodes, she has been coming to the forefront for me more and more. Then last night, she fell flat and she fell flat hard. The judges’ faces as she was performing said it all – disappointment across the board. I think Steven nailed it when he said it was a bad song choice for her and I agree in every possible way. It was heartbreaking.

Haley Reinhart Top Twelve Performance

09. Haley Reinhart

Haley is just incredible. I love her voice. I love her personality and I love her stage presence. Although there were times, as Jennifer pointed out, that Haley seemed a little unsure of herself, she nailed her rendition of ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys to the wall. I loved everything about. When Randy disagreed, I was awestruck. Never in the history of Idol have I so disagreed with one of the judges. Luckily, Steven and Jennifer made up from Randy’s horrible judgment call with glowing reviews. It wasn’t an obvious song choice for her, and that’s what I loved about it. This girl is talented. She belongs on the show.

Thia Megia Top Twelve Performance

10. Thia Megia

Sometimes I’m wrong and I’m not so petty I can’t admit it. I didn’t think Thia would have the vocal ability to stay in the competition but she completely proved me wrong last night. Completely wrong. I take back every doubt. She has been strong all along and has surprised me a few times, but nothing compares to last night. At fifteen, she had the entire audience at her feet with an intimate, beautiful and understated performance that was perfect in every way. The judges heaped praise on her and it was well deserved. Thia has made a believer out of me.

Lauren Alaina Top Twelve Performance

11. Lauren Alaina

Lauren is the horse I’ve been betting on from the beginning to go the whole way and I stand by that. There is a lot of talent this year but Lauren is the definition of the total package. She’s beautiful. She’s fun to watch and she’s got a voice that won’t quit. She has range and power but last night, she chose to focus on performing and I think it was the right move. By now, we know she can sing. Last night, she proved she can get the crowd going and really put on a show. She’s confident, charismatic and talented. The judges love her, the crowd loved her and I think America will love her to.

Pia Toscano Top Twelve Performance

12. Pia Toscano

Just when you think you’ve seen the best of the best, Pia Toscano takes the stage and tears the house down. Her performance of ‘I’ll Stand By You’ by The Pretenders was, hands down, the best performance of the night. There is no competition. She stood in one spot and sang her heart out – delivering a performance that may go down in history as one of the best Idol has ever seen. It was moving and subtle. The focus was all on her voice and she delivered. She got the first standing ovation of the season and for good reason. She lit the place on fire and proved Idol definitely knows how to save the best for last.

American Idol Season 10: Top 24

Who Will Make the Top Five Girls?

Yesterday, I made my picks for the top five guys. It was actually a lot harder with the guys. There were a lot of excellent performances, but as far as the first performances in front of America went for the girls – well, there were a lot more that fell short. I’m going to make a bold, but probably not inaccurate prediction: Lauren Turner, Thia Megia, Lauren Alaina and Pia Toscano will take four of the top five spots although Lauren Turner is a bit of a dark horse. You might see someone take her place, but I sincerely doubt it. The fifth spot is a bit trickier to choose.

I think Rachel and Julie will be left behind solely on their mediocre performances last night while Ta-Tynsia and Kendra will be cut for less than memorable performances. This was a tough show – it was make or break, and these ladies just didn’t bring it. Rachel and Julie are the big surprises for me, but Ta-Tynsia and Kendra have been underwhelming for me the whole time.  Ashthon is undeniably talented, but her performance last night wasn’t her best. She didn’t really knock it out of the park when it counted. I don’t think she’ll have the support she needs to get her through, but I could definitely be wrong. She has a lot of charisma and that alone will get her votes.

Karen Rodriguez is a little harder to decide on. I really liked her, but like Kendra, I just don’t think she was all that memorable when stacked up against some of the stronger competition. I think Haley’s song choice was great and so was her performance, but I don’t know if she did enough to really win over America and truly set herself apart from the pack. I’m going to say Haley and Karen are going home which leaves Naima.

To be fair, putting Naima in my top five predictions for the girls may be wishful thinking. She’s been my favorite from the start and while she turned in a wonderful performance, I’m not sure she was better than Haley, Karen or Ashthon. What Naima has that they don’t, is a unique vibe that no other contestant in this competition has and I think that is enough to earn her the votes she needs to stay in the show. I don’t think she’ll make it to the top, but I can see her going a lot further.

My official predictions for the top five girls:

  • Naima Adedapo
  • Lauren Turner
  • Thia Megia
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Pia Toscano

As a note, I think there’s a chance you may see Ashthon Jones on that list instead of either Naima or Lauren Turner. Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia and Pia Toscano are pretty much guaranteed. Of course, there are always shockers so until the live show this evening, we won’t really know anything for sure. We also find out the wild card picks by the judges so anything could happen. I, for one, think Zevita deserves another shot at the spotlight but I would rather see a wild card spot go to Naima if it comes down to that.

Who do you think will end up in the top five for the ladies? What did you think of tonight’s performances? Rachel Zevita – yay or nay? Sound off in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and make sure you come back tomorrow night for my full recap on tonight’s results show.


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