7 Tips To Bring Excitement Back Into Your Long-term Relationship

No relationship has ever commenced with a heady rush of excitement and then carried on that way ad infinitum. Whether you got introduced to your partner because you both like to meet people online or through some other social situation, the thrill of any new relationship will eventually give way to a steady routine.

Those initial sparks will get to a stage where emotional firelighters are required. This doesn’t necessarily indicate any waning in your feelings for each other, but it would certainly give you both a boost if you could inject some excitement back into your love life. Here are seven easy tips to achieve this.

More sex

Anything from worries about work, concern about finances or simply fretting needlessly about extra pounds you’ve put on can put a dampener on the physical side. The longer this continues the harder it will become to break out of the frigid zone. But having more sex is a surefire way of putting serious chemistry back into your romance. Especially if you start trying out different positions or new routines such as having fun outdoors, or experimenting with toys.

Regular date nights

One way of rekindling the passion would be to set aside certain nights of the week to spend time exclusively with one another. You could revisit those romantic venues you enjoyed during your initial courtship or you think of fresh places to go. The important thing is to return to the mindset of being enthusiastic lovers, eager to enjoy each other’s company in a diverse range of surroundings.

Catch up

The bedroom is certainly one location where you can fall into one another’s arms at the end of a long day and let passion take its course. But you can also spend time simply getting to know everything that’s been affecting to your significant other in a comforting setting. Spend 10 to 15 minutes each day catching up, talking about what’s been happening in your lives, sharing dramas or funny situations; especially planning for the future. This will bring you closer together. Then, once you switch the light off, you’ll be in a positive frame of mind for anything …

Plan surprises for each other

Nothing will bring a smile to your partner’s face as quickly as an unexpected gift. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary, in fact the most warmly-received presents are often those which are delivered spontaneously. If you do a bit of preliminary research you can discover what’s been on your partner’s mind; perhaps a forthcoming gig by their favorite band. If you spring two tickets on them they will be eternally grateful and will most likely be inspired to reciprocate.

New pastimes

You should always be looking at ways to invigorate your relationship. A terrific way of achieving this would be to embark on exciting ventures together. Think of pastimes you have always talked about but just never got round to organising. Whether that’s a weekend in the country or some activity like kayaking or rock climbing, embarking on this together will be another fantastic way of boosting any flagging spirits.

Experiment with scenarios

Why not invent alter-egos? Whether this involves bringing wigs or costumes into the bedroom or taking it even further and playing the part of inventive new characters during hotel stays, this will provide endless fun.

Spend time apart

The familiar saying about absence making the heart grow fonder is so true. So spend time part, whether that’s going out with friends or pursuing separate hobbies. This will build the anticipation of the moment you are reunited again.


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