7 Steps to Become More Attractive for Men

There are no other feelings than becoming attractive and sexy to others. You might be confused thinking what does attractive means to others. Some men are born with the gift of skin color, height and look. But if you are lacking in that department then you definitely need some help to make yourself attractive in the eyes of others.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 stunning steps which will help you to understand how to look attractive to guys. You need to follow these steps which will help you perfectly to get your desired man.

1.     Appearance and Make-up

Who does not like a person with physical fitness and an attractive body. There are some online websites and blogs which will give you some tips to make your appearance more attractive. But never do over makeup. Wearing too many makeups can make you insecure and unattractive. Believe me, guys do not like a woman wearing too many makeups.

Little makeups can make you more attractive to men. Man always notice a woman who looks good and attractive without makeup. So the less is better. You do not want to look like a clown in the eyes of the man you have fallen in love.

2.     Be Self-dependent

A man admires a woman who is self-dependent and confident about her work. If you are thinking man always wants that he will pay all the restaurants’ bill during dates, then you are totally wrong. A good and educated gentleman will always cherish if his woman shares the bills with him or even sometimes pays the full amount.

Recently, an online survey conducted in Australia states that men love women who make their own money and help family members. So you need to make enough earnings so that you are not considered as a financial expense to him.

3.     Education and Intelligence

A successful man always like an educated and meritorious girl. But that does not mean you need to be a super genius person or a scientist. If you can express your opinion and thinkings to him in the correct and profound manners. In the time of choosing a girlfriend guys always look for a person with whom they can have some meaningful conversation.

A man loves when a woman can maintain a dialogue on any topic and explain his point of view in an accessible way. And even if you studied poorly and used help of an essay services or pay someone to write my essay it does not mean that you are not knowledgeable enough. But it also does not mean that it is worth stopping. Education is an integral part of life, which is needed not only in a relationship with a man. Therefore, you should read books, watch news and educational videos and strive for self-development at any age. Your man will definitely appreciate your erudition and he will be pleased and interested to communicate with you.

4.     Be Confident

Confidence is the key you need in your hard days. It is also universal that a confident personality attracts the opposite sex more easily than others. If you want to keep your man interested in you then you need to be bold in your body language and conversations.

A healthy diet, daily work out and keep yourself in great shape by physically and mentally will make you feel better. If you are healthy then you are more confident in your movement. Paying attention to details while dressing up for date night will boost your inner confidence too. You can also spend your leisure time by writing essays for blogs or magazines or learn some new skills. It will build your self-esteem.

5.     Be Feminine

Men love feminine, gentle and well-groomed women. Being feminine doesn’t mean always wearing dresses and skirts. This is a feature of your behavior especially to him. It also assumes that you will not use foul language in dialogue. But above all, be yourself and do not wear “masks” with him.

It is also worth getting rid of bad habits. This will not only help you in attracting the attention of men, but also have a positive effect on your health. After all, no one likes it when it smells like cigarette smoke or alcohol exhaust from a cute, pretty girl.

6.     Do Eye Contact

In psychology, it says that ey shows the inner soul of a person.  Eyes show the love and affection you may have for a man. Having a strong eye contact while talking will make you more attractive and confident.

Maintaining an eye contact or gaze to the person you are talking for a little longer will help you to determine whether he is telling you the truth. True love and affection can be reflected through eyes.  Bold eye contact is what does attractive means to a man. Eye to eye contact then to mouth then back to the eye contact again is the perfect technique to win your man.

7.     Develop Your Own Style

Always be yourself. You should nurture a style which will express your personality perfectly. Do not try to copy any other or follow some online trends. Your own style will be the decisive factor while introducing yourself in front of others.

You should be someone who follows the trends but also have a unique identity. Redecorate your wardrobe to stand out from other women. Always stay in the shape in which you are most confident.


There are a lot of other things that a woman can do to become more attractive to men.  Our first discussion point was what does attractive means. Well, a self-confident and intelligent woman is the most attractive among all. We can say the brain is the new allure. A man cannot repel a woman who is intelligent, self-confident and financially independent.

At first, you need to decide what type of man you are looking for. Before you decide what to wear before him try to think is this the man for whom you will lay your love. Are you committed to this relationship and will be happy? If not then it is the high time to step back and search for the ‘Mr. Perfect’.  When you will find the right one and be sure that your love life and yourself will not be in grave danger then, follow the steps we have discussed. He will surely find you attractive and do whatever it takes to keep you in his life.


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