7 Simple Yard Ideas That’ll Make Your Outdoor Space Shine This Summer

A well-cared-for yard can increase your home’s value by up to 13% on average. Even if you’re not looking to sell, however, a yard makeover can also add some serious value to your quality of life.

With a few accents, you can transform your yard and create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Read on for our top 7 simple yard ideas that will make your yard shine.

  1. Clear Some Space

If you’re looking for some yard ideas to maximize the potential of your outdoor space, start by clearing away any clutter or plants that could be taking up unnecessary room. This will make the space look larger and will also give you more real estate to work with when it comes to setting up outdoor living areas.

If you have any plants, weeds, or shrubbery that you’re tired of looking at, take this opportunity to remove them once and for all. Schedule some time and set goals to make sure you clear everything out quickly and efficiently.

For bigger eyesores, such as unwanted trees and other larger plants, you may want to hire a professional tree removal service to help you get the job done. Although it may cost more upfront, investing in tree and plant removal can double the outdoor living space you’re working with.

  1. Upcycle Some Decor

One of the cheapest yard ideas is to creatively upcycle things that you already own. That way, you’ll be clearing clutter, being kind to the environment, and creating all-new items to decorate your outdoor space. With a few tools and a bit of elbow grease, you may be surprised at what you are capable of building.

For example, if you have old windows and doors leftover from an upgrade, you may be able to reuse them by adding some extra wood and shaping them into a DIY outdoor shed for all your garden tools. You could also fashion them into a trellis or other structure to hang plants from.

You can also upcycle small containers, such as old watering cans, pottery, and buckets into decorative planters to accent your yard. If you’re craving more color, pick up some paint to spruce things up even further.

  1. Water, Water, Everywhere

If you’re seeking out some yard ideas that add peace, harmony, and tranquility to your space, adding anything with water in it can create the feel of an outdoor oasis.

For example, you could take on the project of digging out and paving a small pond in your backyard. Decorate it with some lawn ornaments, plants, and even koi fish! Just be sure to fully research how to tackle this project safely and successfully.

A simpler way to add the beauty of water to your yard is by investing in a small fountain to decorate your patio, garden, or yard. As long as you have a spot to discreetly plug in the pump, a fountain can add a beautiful, tranquil feel to your outdoor space.

  1. Yard Ideas for the Birds

One of the best yard ideas to create a beautiful and lively space is by adding items to attract the native and migrating birds in your area. You can do this by adding houses, feeders, and birdbaths to accent your yard or garden.

For some ideas, research the birds in your area and what they like to eat. Alternatively, most hardware stores will carry a good selection of songbird mixes that will attract a variety of birds.

If you’re interested in learning more about migrating birds, look up the migrating patterns of birds that may be passing through your area and what will attract them to your feeder. For example, a migrating oriole will stop for something sweet: leaving out some grape jelly will often attract them to your yard. If your area has hummingbirds, a hummingbird feeder filled with nectar can attract these beauties straight to your garden.

Birds add songs, wonder, and a bit of natural magic to your outdoor living space. That’s why one of the best yard ideas is to add small elements that will attract them to your yard. With just a few key feeding and bathing pieces, you can make your yard more alive with beautiful birds.

  1. Light It Up

Another one of the top yard ideas is to add lighting to your garden, patio, and yard. Luckily, there are many solar panel options out there so you won’t have to worry about changing batteries or plugging them in.

Investing in a key piece, such as a solar gazing orb, can act as a focal point and illuminate your garden when the sun goes down. You can also purchase smaller solar light stakes to accent pathways and living areas in your yard.

For outdoor patios, dining areas, and gazebos, you can really kick things up a notch with some mood lighting, like outdoor string lights. These can transform your living areas and carry your yard easily from daytime to nighttime.

  1. Create a Fairy Garden

If you’re seeking crafty and creative yard ideas, decorating your yard with fairy gardens can be a great DIY project for children and adults alike. Look for miniatures at your local craft store, such as benches, wishing wells, and animals, and arrange them in a flower pot or other container in your yard. Check out some ideas online if you need a little design inspiration!

  1. Plant Flowers and Greenery

This is one of the oldest yard ideas in the book, but it’s worth repeating: add some colorful plants and greenery to your yard. Plants add color, fragrance, and natural appeal. Plus, they attract butterflies and birds to your space.

Check out your local hardware store for some flowers and potting soil. If you don’t already have a garden, they’re relatively easy to dig out: just dig up the grass, add soil, and border it up with rocks or wood. If you aren’t able to do that in your yard, adding potted plants can still add the beauty and wonder of flowers without altering the property.

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

If you’re seeking yard ideas to beautify your outdoor space, you can do a lot without having to spend too much. Now that you have some ideas, it’s a great time to get your plans started!

Check back soon for more lawn and garden inspiration!



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