7 Female Twitch Streamers You Should Follow

Video games used to be thought of as a ‘boy sport’, most likely bringing up visions of smelly teenage boys playing Fifa in their rooms for hours on end. Yet, these days, video games – and in particular streaming video game playthroughs – is now seen as an extremely skilled professional job, with many streamers making big money from creating popular, follow-worthy content.

And, it’s not just the male streamers who are coming out on top on Twitch, female streamers are just as respected and loved on the broadcasting format, famed for their skills and creativity. Indeed, here are just 7 of the best female streamers to follow on Twitch right now:

  1. KittyPlaysGames

Widley considered as one of Twitch’s top talents, Kristen, who streams under the handle KittyPlays, is known for her skills at first person shooter games. Playing mainly Playerunknown Battlegrounds and Overwatch, her charismatic nature has led the Canadian-based gamer to an impressive 760,000 followers. Also very active on social media, she often posts vlogs about her hobbies such as cooking.

  1. Wildhungarian

These days, Twitch isn’t entirely about streaming video games. Poker is also becoming increasingly popular for people to watch, especially as it’s so intriguing to see how the minds of professional poker players think. Of course, there’s lots of men streaming poker, but for a good old dose of girl power be sure to follow Wildhungarian aka Beata Jambrik. A highly valued poker player for her skill – who is even a sponsored pro for Partypoker – her easy-going nature is perfect for anyone interested in poker.

  1. Loserfruit

If you’re looking for diverse content, then Loserfruit should be top of your follow list. Sure, she streams popular games like Overwatch and Witcher 3, but the Australian streamer who keeps her personal life incredibly private, is also known for her more creative streams. This includes her live broadcasting as she works on editing her Youtube videos and occasionally posts dancing videos and various parodies.

  1. ItsHAFU

Rumay Wang, known as her Twitch screenname ItsHAFU, is one of the top Hearthstone players in the world right now. Streaming to over 500,000 followers, ItsHAFU specialises in playing Arena decks on Heartstone as well as occasionally streaming structured decks and dabbling in Diablo III. The 26-year-old is also a former professional World of Warcraft player.

  1. Kaceytron

If you’re looking for personality rather than game choice, Kaceytron is famed for her – often crude – sense of humour. Streaming a variety of games such as World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the American streamer has just over 470,000 followers on Twitch and her fan-base is growing steadily.

  1. MsVixen

First person shooters are one of the most popular games to watch on Twitch and Lanai Gara. known as MsVixen, is one of the most skilled. In fact, she ranked number 1 in the world for Call of Duty World of War in the Free For All mode back in 2008-09. More recently she’s been streaming games such as Playerunknown Battlegrounds and Lawbreakers but expect her to start streaming the new Call of Duty when it comes out later this year.

  1. LegendaryLea

Perhaps the most well-known female streamer on Twitch with her 620,000 Twitch followers and the fact she was infamously banned from Twitch last year for a month, Lea May Currier is known as LegendaryLea online. Regularly playing World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, Currier is liked for her ditzy blonde persona matched with a proficient level of gaming skill. She’s also very prolific on her social media pages.


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