69: Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s a world of numbers all around and some numbers are more special than the rest. We’re dealing with one of the naughtier numbers, one that leads to exchanges of knowing glances and giggles amongst the younger crowds. 69 represents a position in foreplay between two partners where the 9 represents a human body, the 6, that of an inverted partner. 69 together represents a couple, who’re giving each other oral sex at the same time. A word for the guys though, while you’re digging in the bush, literally and figuratively, she’ll have you by your balls. So there are both advantages and disadvantages involved in this.  Through this article, we’ll take a look at pros and cons.

69 sex _position

So basically, there are two variations to 69; the one with the man on top and one with the fairer sex on top. When the woman is on top, the man should try penetrating every hole accessible (except the belly button, of course), reaching to the clitoris at the later stages.  He can also use his fingers to explore and penetrate, increasing her pleasure.  Also, there are other advantages like she can heighten his pleasure by some old-time hip movements. Though of course, it is not without its disadvantages. There is always the off-chance that the woman might weigh a bit too much, in which case circulation might be cut off, and 90 degrees may fast become a flailing leaf at less than 45 degrees. She would have to prop herself up on her elbows or hands and might tire herself fast too. Remember that 69 is merely a position for foreplay, the comedian before the main act.

The other version, where the man is on top, gives the man a lot of control, and a lot of access to the woman.  She can venture around, especially if propped up with a pillow, and pleasure can be given new dimensions. The problems come when you lose control; there is always the risk of suffocating her.  You might also strain your neck from stretching too much. For the women, here is another disadvantage, while the “man on top” position gives another advantage for him: She will have a hard time putting it out, once it is inside, and he may just have the idea of keeping it there for a longer time.

Another advantage of 69 position is that it can be quite pleasurable for her, sometimes even more so than other positions that are usually used. “That women want 30 minutes of foreplay as opposed to 30 seconds for man” is true to the last word. If he wants to make it good for her, he might as well find other ways to make it last 30 minutes. There is no way he is going to hold himself, and it is not the way it is supposed to be, either. Since the scriptures of yonder years, 69 has been mentioned, be it as the crow in Kama Sutra or as 69 or whatever, the idea has persisted. Even though 69 can be quite complex for orthodox couples, the trick is to ensure comfort in position.  If done right, this is one of the most erotic positions available.


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