6 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy When Moving

Moving is hard enough without children underfoot calling your name and asking you for everything under the blue moon. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons why families with children have to move, even if the adults know it is going to be a chore of epic proportions. You’ve already found a way to sell your home, find and buy a new home, and now it’s moving day.

Save yourself some stress on the big day and try out a few of these ideas to keep the kids busy on moving day.

1.      Create a Moving Day Kit

Anyone with kids knows that one activity will never be enough to keep kids entertained for hours, but trying to do it on a day when there is so much going on can be stressful. Buy, doing something fun and creative for them by using a couple of small box containers and pack them with some favorite activities like playdough, sticker books, card decks, books, and markers – if you want to start fresh, Amazon.com has quick delivery and you can even include them in the process ahead of time buy letting them pick out their moving day craft. The thrill of getting something new will usually help keep their attention on the kit a little longer and they can craft up in an area where there is less foot traffic with loading moving boxes.

2.      Movie on the Floor

Most likely your TV is already dismounted and carefully packaged, but you can always cue up a movie on your laptop. Most people choose to keep their personal laptop nearby and accessible so they have instant access to the internet during the moving process – but this can always work on a phone or tablet too. Leave out a couple of pillows and blankets and invite the kids to have a movie day in a room that movers will not need to access immediately.

3.      Let Them Color the Moving Boxes

If your kids are younger and not likely to sit for a movie, consider handing them some crayons and allow them to color the moving boxes. Most people buy their moving boxes, so as long as you don’t need to worry about returning them this can be an excellent way to keep them busy. The kids will think they are getting away with something, and you can enjoy the quiet.

4.      Draw Their New Bedroom Designs

Older kids will probably not be as thrilled about coloring boxes, but they make the idea of drawing their new bedroom design or layout. Buy a couple of notepads and colored pencils and assign your kids the task of designing their bedrooms before you arrive in the new home. Not only will this help them feel more connected to their new room, but it gives them a chance to sharpen their spatial thinking skills. Even younger kids can have fun with this one if you draw the basic outline of the room for them and then invite them to fill it in.

5.      Unpacking Their Own Boxes

While the kids’ toys are not the first item on your unpacking list, however it very well may be the first item on their list. With this in mind, charge them with unpacking their own boxes with the rule that nothing is to leave their room. So long as the mess stays contained in their room, they’re happy by playing with toys, putting them in a new room, and this will keep them busy while you’re unpacking the essentials.

6.      Daytime Campout

If your kids are old enough to be left outside on their own, consider creating a daytime campout nook in your backyard for moving day. Quickly pop up a portable tent and toss some blankets in it to offer them something “new” that will keep them out of the house and hold your attention until the move is complete. Provide a smaller cooler with snacks and drinks and you will buy even more time before they are back in the house.

All six of these ways to keep kids busy while moving are great ideas that can appeal to all ages of your children. Make moving day a fun time for them rather than a stressful one, moving into a new home is a fun and exciting time, let them feel excited too!