6 Tips To Help Your Man Look Great

So, you want to always present the impression that you are a classy guy, but are not sure how to pull it off. In this post, we will go through 6 basic categories of garments that will ensure that you always look classy.

It goes without saying that any items that you buy should be the best quality that you can afford. That might mean having a pared-down wardrobe, but it also means that you will look good, and the clothes will hold up better to washing and wearing.

Classic Shirts

You could wear the same suit every day of the week and change the look completely with the right shirt.

Start with a couple of collared, button-down shirts. One should be white and the other a nice blue color. All your shirts should be pure, thick cotton.

Next, stop up on a couple of T-shirts. Again, one should be white. Choose the other color that you like. Again, look for high-quality cotton shirts.

A Basic Crewneck Jumper

This is a wardrobe staple. Navy is a good color here because it will work with just about any item. It is versatile and adds a little extra warmth when you need it.


The main rule when it comes to trousers and jeans as well is to make sure that they fit perfectly. A slim-fit cut will never look baggy and unkempt.

Start off with a pair of chinos in a neutral color like navy. These are the perfect alternative to jeans and can be worn with a range of different items. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

Next move onto trousers made out of wool-flannel. These will last a lifetime and indicate that you have effortless style.

Add a pair of dark blue jeans and your trouser collection is complete. You want dark blue because, unlike the other colors, it never goes out of style. It also looks a bit smarter than stonewashed jeans.

Quality Suit

Every man, no matter where they work, should have at least one quality suit that fits perfectly. A dark blue will suit most men and be dressy enough for a smarter location. Choose a single-breasted suit because these will not date as easily.

Denim Jacket

This is a nice way to finish off a look and can be worn by just about anyone. Newsflash – you don’t have to match the jacket to your jeans, even if you are wearing both together.

This is a nice casual look that still shows a bit of class.

Get the Right Shoes

You will notice that there are a few more options here. Did you know that your shoes are often the first thing that people notice about you? Doesn’t that make it worth getting this aspect right?

As guys, we tend to joke about the number of shoes the ladies have, but men should have more than just a couple of pairs themselves.

Start with a pair of plain white sneakers. These will never date and are perfect with jeans or shorts.

Next get a pair of derbies in tan. These are shoes that can walk the line between casual and smart

You should also get a pair of stylish lace-ups in black. These will work whether you are wearing your chino or a tux.

Chelsea boots round off this list – perfect for smart-casual wear; these will go with almost anything that you decide to wear them with.

You can also add in some tasteful jewelry if you want to up the wow factor of the outfit. Stick to a well-chosen ring, and this applies to women and men’s jewelry!


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