6 Tips For Any Late Summer Road Trip

Whether you’re driving across the country or taking the bus, there are 5 tips to make it a successful and rewarding trip. Packing light, and having cash on hand, while making small and smart adjustments can relieve you of the hustle and bustle of a poorly planned trip, and make it the time of your life instead. 

Tip #1 When There Is A Plan, There Is A Way 
It’s a good idea to have a plan for where you’re going. Whether you’re going through the coldest parts of the US or Canada or you are going to the warmest spots, there should be some idea of the destination. With technology at your fingertips, it’s easy to find apps for mileage, the cost of gas, and types of restaurants to go to. A GPS or smartphone is a great resource to use, along with roadside assistance for emergency situations.

Tip #2 Cash, Check, Or Credit Cards, Oh My 
Let’s face it, road trips aren’t free or cheap, but there are plenty of ways to save. Regardless where you go, money will be spent and so it’s best to have emergency money saved up beforehand. Putting a little to the side every day goes a long way, and adding extra money towards gas, lodging, tolls, and food can help, too.

Tip #3 Have The Right Outfits For The Road 
Pack less not more, since you don’t want to be bogged down on a road trip – you want to travel light. Not having to change every day saves a lot of time and space, so packing merino wool clothing is a great choice for packing light. Packing merino wool clothes alone can save much space, time, and money because this breathable fabric adjusts to your body temperature, so you won’t have to worry about funky smells or sweating out your clothes in high humidity. It also keeps you warm when you get a little chilly. A pair of breathable Unbound Merino socks can last a week, and that’s just one pair!

Tip #4 Saving On Food 
Save money by preparing snacks and buying filling foods to keep from overspending each time you stop to stretch your legs. Pack trail mix, granola bars, peanuts, or vegetable snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated. For those small items that may need a little refrigeration, there are plenty of stores out there that carry those insulated bags or aluminum water bottles for cold drinks. Using your money on fun things and souvenirs instead, you can have everything you want and need.

Tip #5Save Money on Water

It goes without saying that water is important, especially on road trips. A vital necessity in every sense, water can end up adding up in costs and taking up a lot of room, especially when camping or outdoor activities are involved. One way to save money is to buy bulk containers and then refill individual water containers or glass water bottles instead of buying tons of small bottles. The best glass water bottles won’t break on you, and better yet, they’re chemical free, which is something you certainly cannot say about the plastic versions.

Tip #6Safety First 
It’s a good idea to know your surroundings and be prepared for the unexpected. Not saying that you should be walking around like 007 and ducking behind cars to see if anyone is following you, but it’s always good to be cautious. Bringing along a first-aid kit and a car emergency kit is always a good idea, and you should never leave change, media supplies, or anything that looks of value in plain view. If you have a trunk, use it.

Follow these five simple tips and you’re guaranteed to have a smooth, inexpensive and free-feeling road trip.


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