6 Characteristics of a Good Essay

The most common problem faced with writing an assay is not associated with the writing at all. It is the capacity of judging one’s own essay and seeing whether its fits all the thresholds of a good essay. When reading through someone else’s essay, figuring out the mistakes and errors becomes easier, when compared to analysing your own. The essay is like children. Everything looks pretty intelligent as long as it is yours. Here is where the change needs to happen. You need to be able to go through your own work like a seasoned teacher and scrutinise it well so as to mark out the errors and correct them well before the final submission. This enhances your chance to submit an essay that is more or less perfect from every single angle.

Taking expert help:

One of the best ways to produce perfect and well written essays, paper and dissertations is by taking assistance from professional, expert and cheap dissertation writers. These writers have been producing perfect essays for a long, long time, with years of experience backing their expert status. Not only will they write these papers for you, but also guide you in the process of writing them yourselves. According to these experts, there are a few characteristics that you should be looking for in any essay to make sure that they are well written. Some of these characteristics are listed here under.

A Focused Essay does the trick:

An essay that highlights the topic from the beginning to the very end is what a focused essay is. It is important that you stay focused on the subject handed to you, throughout your writing and do not deviate from it at any point. This does not imply that you repeat yourself over and over again. You find information, examples, arguments and logic that relate to the topic strongly and mention them in the order of their level of relativity and importance to the subject. Though your essay might be spread over several paragraphs, loosing track of the main point cannot be held as excusable. Doing this helps you stay focused on the topic and your essay depicts the same.

A Well Developed Essay:

An essay is not well written until it is well developed. The next question that pops into your head, when a well developed essay is mentioned is what at all is a well developed essay? A well developed essay is that, which does not leave claims at lose and dangling end. An essay is referred to as a good and well developed essay when all the claims you make during the writing process is equally supported by proper argument and logic.

The kind of support you choose depends highly on the type of essay you are writing. These supports may vary widely from, examples, citations, quotations, statistics, facts and reasoning. The main trait of a well developed essay is that, it never claims anything to be true or right without giving proper supportive proof for the same. Make sure you keep this in mind when creating your own content or checking it over.

Awareness towards Audience:

When starting with an essay, the first thing you do is pick a good topic. The very next thing you need to follow this up with is, understanding, the audience or the reader base you are creating this content for. Awareness towards your audience is of paramount importance; after all it is the reader you are creating your essay for. It is important that they understand it and relate to it during the reading process. As a writer of a good essay, you will have to tailor your content around the around the preference and the requirement of the reader. A person is investing time to read your essay, paper or dissertation, to find some kind of value from it. This might be the in the form of-

  • Facts,
  • Information and/or
  • General knowledge.

It is important that they receive every bit of what they need from your essay.

A Well Organized Essay:

Organization skills are very important when it comes to writing the essay. This is not restricted to accumulating material and timing the execution alone, but organization needs to be noticeable in the layout of the content as well. Strong and well written essays are strategically organized amongst several paragraphs, depending upon the word count and the number of paragraphs it has been divided amongst. The best way to organise the essay effectively is to dedicate a single idea or point to each paragraph.

By doing this, you give enough prominence to each and every important point that deserves mention and some pondering upon. This also allows the reader to get enough and more clarity on each of these points that evaluate the main topic, exceptionally well. This is often referred to as the logic strategy. When you play the logic card along with your top notch organizational skills, the reader is bound to stay hooked till the very last line of the paper.

An Error Free Essay:

An essay is only well written when it is devoid of silly mistakes and easily noticeable and un-noticeable errors. A reader can be easily put off, when he/she comes across errors in the text repeatedly during reading the essay. Before you submit your essay, go over it repeatedly, in order to trace all the grammatical errors, sentence construction errors, syntax and punctuation errors, agreement and spelling errors, etc.

Properly Researches with Citation:

An essay when read should give the vibe of being well researched. Incorporating information related to the topic enriches the write up. To do this, you must be able to research for information outside of text books available to you. You can make these searches online as well. Make sure you include the citation to the sources that you use to accumulate the material, in your essay.

Go over your essay to make sure that your essay incorporates all these characteristics. An essay rich with these characters is a well written essay.


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