52% of gamers are women – but the industry doesn’t know it

Today, 52% of gamers are women – but the industry doesn’t know it. This is a huge oversight. These people are literally missing out on a solid plurality of their customers. The stereotype that video games are for boys and men runs deep, but that doesn’t make it true. The sooner the industry realizes the problems with its marketing approach, the better.

The fact that the video game world is still not for women, despite the prominent presence of women, is revealed in a lot of ways. Many men are very hostile towards the women in their gaming community. Women who like to play video games   with no deposit bonus online casinos are often treated as if they are outsiders, in spite of the fact that female gamers are really common in the modern world. Being treated as an anomaly is actually the least of the problems of female gamers, sadly.

Some men will proposition female gamers incessantly, viewing a gaming group online or offline as something of a dating service just because there are other women there. Other men will insult the women and try to intimidate them into leaving the group altogether. These men often feel threatened by the presence of women. They are used to gaming groups being male-only, and this is a status quo that they do not want to disrupt.

Too many gaming companies more or less pander to the misogynistic gamers that are out there, and they do this at their peril. There are many surveys that suggest that a lot of male gamers actually are fine with female gamers. The terribly misogynistic male gamers are more of a vocal minority than anything else. Gaming companies that try to create a friendlier environment for women will be able to get a very large share of their audience as a result.

Plenty of video games feature imagery that women will understandably find offensive. A lot of female characters in video games are pointlessly made to be sexual even when they are doing something unrelated to sex. There are graphic scenes of women being tortured in video games that will seem gratuitous. There is also an assumption that men would be unwilling to play as female characters, but women would be willing to play as male characters. For a lot of women, there aren’t even other options with a lot of video games.

Many feminists have criticized the portrayal of women in video games. People have given them a lot of criticism for that, and yet their viewpoint is actually starting to change things. More and more gaming developers are starting to create games that both men and women will like. Plenty of young men are not fans of misogynistic portrayals of women. They can certainly like genuinely effective female characters. Shows like Buffy have been popular with both men and women. Video games that have similar characters can be equally popular.

There is no reason to assume that the video game community is inherently misogynistic and that successful companies have to pander to that sexism. The gaming community is actually full of women and full of feminists.


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