5 Ways Vaping is Healthier than Tobacco Cigarettes


Many women try to quit smoking to improve their health, but it can be difficult for some to give up the habit. Switching to electronic cigarettes have helped many smokers stop using tobacco cigarettes, and they’ve also stopped vaping.

Here are five health benefits of vaping versus smoking regular cigarettes.

Less Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Smokers who use tobacco cigarettes have a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes than people who don’t smoke. Smoking causes arteries to constrict due to damage of the lining that causes scars and fatty deposits called atheroma.

The narrowing of the arteries limits the blood that flows throughout your body, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Blood clots can also form, which can also cause cardiac events or strokes.

Vaping hasn’t been found to cause damage to your arteries, making it a healthier smoking choice.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Smoking tobacco cigarettes exposes people to at least 70 cancer-causing agents, whereas vaping does not.

Studies in the United Kingdom have shown that using e-cigarettes reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases because they don’t contain the almost 5,000 chemicals in tobacco products.

Since the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes are not present in the e-liquid used in e-cigarettes, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have concluded vaping is 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes.

No Second-Smoke Complications

People who are exposed to smoke from tobacco cigarettes can develop health issues like a chronic cough, pneumonia, and lung cancer. Fortunately, since there are no known toxic chemicals in e-juice, second-hand, or passive, smoking isn’t an issue with vaping.

Although you may not want to vape around children and pets, yes, your pets are affected by second-hand smoke too, it is safer than smoking tobacco products around other people. However, as a courtesy, you should refrain from vaping in buildings.

No Fire Risk

Smoking materials are one of the leading causes of fires and fire-related deaths in the United States. Fires are often caused by people falling asleep while smoking or children playing with lighters or matches. Fortunately, there is virtually no risk of starting a fire by using an ecigarette.

Tobacco cigarettes require fire to light the tobacco, leaving behind a glowing ember. The ember can start a fire if it touches material, like a bed blanket. Since electronic cigarettes do not need fire, there is very little chance they will cause one, which makes them safer to use.

Better Oxygen Levels

One of the poisons found in tobacco cigarettes is carbon monoxide. It can restrict blood flow, which reduces your oxygen levels when you smoke regular cigarettes. This restriction of oxygen and blood flow can affect your organs, like your heart and brain.

Since e-juice does not contain the poisons that are found in tobacco, it is less likely to constrict blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. In fact, once you switch to e-cigarettes, the carbon monoxide present in your system will clear up and stop causing poor circulation.

If you want to completely stop smoking, switching to vaping is a good way to do it. You can reduce the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid that you’re using until you weaned off it. Then, you can completely give up vaping too.



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