5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity As The Lady Boss

As a strong independent woman, we want nothing less than respect and equality from society. We are far from the traditional housewife and have successfully entered the workforce competing in the corporate ladder using our skills, talent, and ability. In 2018, 48.5% of women around the world are in the workforce.

In the USA, around 57% of the woman population in the country are in the labor force. Although we have come a long way in showing the world that we run it, thank you Beyonce, we still lag behind in terms of leadership. In Fortune Global 100 companies, only 22% of executive roles are filled by women. In Fortune 500 companies in 2018, only 24 women or 4.8% are in the CEO position. The numbers are quite small but it is still progress.

One thing to ensure that we have a steady increase of recognition in leadership is to show them what we are made of. If that is now enough, we will show them the very definition of being productive.

If new to your position, you may need a few tips to increase your productivity as the lady boss.

Time Is Precious

We have been constantly bombarded with quotes of how important time is. Time is gold. Time is money. All of which is true. And you need to make sure you have  proper time management that justifies your every work routine.

Time management is more than just scheduling the task and job demands under the clock. It is about knowing your most productive time, identifying priorities at work, and letting go of unnecessary tasks.

Delegate Tasks

You need to remember that you are the boss and that you have the right to delegate a task when necessary. Delegating does not mean you can’t do it. It is more of knowing that this specific responsibility can be done by someone else without the need of your expertise. It gives you more time and energy to fulfill other work responsibilities.

Make sure to have their work checked from time to time to ensure the quality of work your team provides. It says a lot for a boss who takes care of their people and reputation. It also inspires them to get up to your standard.

Take A Breather

We are here to prove something, but not here to break our body. Taking a break and scheduling downtime can help increase productivity. Being able to relax and reset your mind will help you feel better, decide on business actions more properly and work more efficiently. Activities that induce relaxation are:

  • Practicing Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Walking Outside
  • aking A Hot Shower
  • Drinking Tea

Working longer time without a break can cause someone to be susceptible to stress and exhaustion. As a woman, we know the importance of taking care of one’s self and to remember that taking a break is important as it helps us mentally refreshed and be more creative and productive.

Multitasking Is A Fad

I came into the workforce hearing people that they can do this and that at the same time, essentially multitasking. But what they don’t know is that it hurts them more than it is being useful. Multitasking is proven ineffective and inefficient. You think you are able to do more work in a short span of time, but you are significantly compromising on the quality.

Do one task at a time. Have your concentration spared for one task alone and slowly but surely check on the list of things you need to do throughout the day. In that way, you get to finish the prioritize on the top first with full energy and focused mind.

Have Time For Yourself

This may not apply to you if you don’t have your own family yet, but if you do always remember to have time for yourself and your family. Your family is a great source of support you can ever have. There should be a mutual understanding between you and your better half about your career. This will help you focus on things at work without thinking about the implications it may have at home since you have their full support.

In addition, it is a form of work-life balance.  Something that is essential nowadays to keep you healthy, sane, and productive.