5 Things To Consider While Designing Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart and the sole of the entire house. At the end of a very tiring day, all people want to do is come home and eat some good food. Or even more so, they look forward to coming home and cooking good food for their loved ones. But, this can be done in a comfortable manner, if and only the kitchen is set and organized in a proper manner. Thus, it is indeed the most important part of the house.

But, in order to get this done, a person has to invest. But, it must be noted that the modular kitchen isn’t as expensive as people think it to be.

The average cost of a modular kitchen in Bangalore is almost about Rs. 1 Lakh. But, it can exceed this price. There are several factors that cause the exceeding of this budget. You can also get a near about estimation of modular kitchen price through online price calculators.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Kitchen Design Services

1.    Kitchen Size

The size and the layout of your kitchen do play a massive role in the cost of the remodeling of your kitchen. The different shapes and the plans that the kitchens usually are- U-shape, L-shape, parallel, straight, with island, etc. the more extensive the kitchen size, the more the models it can accommodate. But, the larger the kitchen, the more expensive it gets to remodel it. But, the size of the modular kitchen doesn’t entirely affect the cost. The main factor that affects the value alongside the scope is how a person uses the kitchen. For example, a chef will make the maximum use of the limited space that is provided to him, and hence will use it much, much more than a person who is a traveler, who is hardly ever at home.

2.    Cabinet Material And The Finish

There are many cabinet materials and finishes that are available in the market for your kitchen. A few of the popular ones among them are wooden, acrylic, laminate, membrane foil, etc. But, the most preferable ones among the people are acrylic and laminate. The reason being they are long-lasting and removes the tension of being replaced periodically like the others.

The acrylic type is the most expensive. They give a glossy finish to your kitchen and thus giving it a very attractive look. Following this, there is also a ‘poly UV finish‘ that is given to the entire kitchen, enabling the glossiness to last for a very long time.

The laminates, on the other hand, aren’t very expensive. It is the ideal finish people adopt when they are on a strict budget. It is indeed cheaper than the rest, but it sure does give a very satisfying look to the kitchen.

This being said, in addition to the material and the finish, the other factor that determines the cost is the interiors and the exteriors of the cabinet. Some people want a more detailed cabinet, in-order for there to be an organization in their kitchen. And, on the other hand, others prefer otherwise.

3.    Kitchen Accessories

Based on the various accessories that a person’s kitchen has, one must choose the design for their modular kitchen. If this isn’t done, then, the remodeling would be an utter waste of money. The reason being, most of the shelves and the cabinets in the kitchen wouldn’t be used as often, and as a result, would be a waste.

For example, if you fancy the ceramic and have a variety of collections, then it would be ideal to have a cabinet that is solely dedicated to them. This would enable them to be protected from all the various accidents that may occur.

If you do not like the fact that your dustbin is seen in the kitchen, then you can design a cabinet that has a space for the storage of trash.

You can also design your cabinets in such a way that the kitchen accessories that are used frequently, that are daily, can be accessed very quickly, in comparison to the others that are not used as commonly.

4.    Countertop And Backsplash Material

There are many materials that are favored for the countertops in the modular  kitchens Quartz, Corian, polished granites, and lots more. Of these, quartz is the most expensive of them all. But, that being said, they all vary and differ in their price ranges. It always depends on the quality and availability of the material.

The same can be applied to the backsplash too. The people more often than not always look for something eye-catching and appealing to the eye when it is first looked at. The most popular among all the materials are; glass, metals, and to some extent even stone too. It all depends on the finishing that is given to it when in the end will make it look very attractive. At present, the most popular and ongoing trend in the market, is the use of the ceramic tiles for the backsplash.

5.    Appliances Used In The Kitchen

Just like how the accessories of the kitchen play a very important role in the determination of the cost of the modeling of the kitchen, so do the appliances. The various appliances like the dishwasher and the oven do play an essential part in the kitchen. Without these, the kitchen would be incomplete, and it would hinder the proper functioning in the kitchen. People usually prefer having a built-in over and a dishwasher, as it makes it very convenient for the user and also doesn’t occupy a lot of space. But, having said that, it should be kept in mind that, when it is built into the modular kitchen, it surely does increase the cost of the modeling manifold.


Hence, it is essential for a person to look into all the aforementioned factors when they think of modeling a new kitchen or even remodeling their previously existing kitchen. All this should be kept in mind so that cavities are not forms in your wallets when doing so