5 Things You Should Know About Re-decorating your Living Room

As the sun starts to shine through our windows again, you may start considering giving your living area a bit of a spring clean, or better yet – a spring makeover.

Changing the way your everyday space looks can be beneficial for many reasons – not least that it can be therapeutic, can fire up the creative side of your brain and, practically, can maintain the value of your home. Letting your home slip into a time warp will only decrease the value of your asset.

But, for now, let’s consider some ideas for decorating this room so you can enjoy your lounge fully:

Picking a Theme

Before you pick a colour and start painting, consider what your theme is. Do your research. Go onto sites like Pinterest for ideas and create a virtual mood board. You don’t have to copy anything – but you can pick ideas and replicate them in a way that works for you. Make sure this look would suit the rest of your home, and check with family members for ideas. You can also browse some homeware shops for some good ideas. Places like IKEA have rooms set up with matching colours and toning accessories. Take your camera phone for some quick snaps so that you remember what you saw when you get home. Even if you don’t like everything about the way the shop has styled this mock-up room, you can pinch some ideas and transfer it into your own living room. Pay particular attention to table lamps, floor lamps and other lighting – as this can really pull a room theme together.

Light vs Dark Colours

Many people believe the myth that you need to use light colours to lighten up a room. In many cases this can be true – but some light colours can wash out a room. Dark colours can add depth and interest. Choose complimenting colours and use tools like Dulux colour palette tool which allows you to visualise colours that work well together. You can use apps on your own to ‘visualise’ how a room would look through your camera’s lens.

Adding Accessories

Accessories can be the make or break of a room! They can really uplift a room – especially if, for example, you live in rented accommodation and can’t change the colour of the walls but do want to add your own personal touch to a room. Cushions and throws are perfect examples of this. You can get large cushions, small scatter cushions, prints, block colours, geometric designs – you name it! If you’re unsure what would work best, why not clash some styles together? Not feeling brave enough? – try visualising it first with online tools like the OKA cushion arranger, which lets you drag and drop styles onto a virtual sofa on your PC. You could also draw sketches of your room to see how it would look. Add other touches like candles, photo frames, and flowers. Don’t be afraid to try something new! If you have a smaller room, you can add mirrors to your walls to reflect light around the room and create a lot of light (giving the illusion of more space!) Remember that curtains and blinds also count as accessories. You might want to create a layered look and opt for both, or you may want to only have blinds if you want to create a contemporary feel, for example. Of course, practical issues will also dictate what accessories you want in your room. If you need your lounge to stay private from the window, you will obviously want shutters or blinds to help add privacy. But don’t feel totally restricted by practical issues – you can create the right balance with the right amount of shopping around!

Balancing Light

Talking of light, the way light works in your room, in the day and at night, is important for the ambient mood of your living room. You don’t want anything too ‘glary’ and you don’t want anything too mellow that you can’t see – so striking the right balance is important and it can take a little bit of trial and error. Try changing the positions of your existing lamps in your room. Balance out high and low, and live with it for a few days to see how it works for you. Check out some more lighting tips here: a good example from this guide includes, low-level table lamps and floor lamps help to create a cosy atmosphere in the living room… Evenly space these throughout the room, usually toward the walls, to create an even, warm glow that bounces inwards. Remember that candles and fairy lights also count as ‘lighting’ and can add something extra to your living space if you don’t want something as big or as bright as a table lamp. It can create a snug, romantic feel.

Adding Storage

Sorry to be practical – but storage is a big part of your living space and a cluttered room can just look messy. Rattan baskets are on trend at the moment and you can even get stacking ones to store your remote controls, magazines and so on. Try getting under-sofa storage to hide away those things you don’t want in view. Clutter can really ruin the look of your living room space, especially when it sits getting dusty. Re-consider your ornaments and other bits-and-bobs; you don’t need to throw anything away but you can reconsider its place in your living area. Adding a sideboard or a TV stand with storage is an elegant way of bringing some practicality into your home. Check out sites like gumtree and eBay for some local deals in your area. If you bide your time  and you’re not in any rush, you can bag a great deal. If you’re willing to put in a bit more effort, you could upcycle an old storage unit and paint it in your colour of choice to match your given living room theme.

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