5 Reasons Everyone Should Vape

By now, you’ve seen someone vaping. Everyone has. You’re probably thinking about trying it out but don’t know if it’s for you.

Maybe you’ve been a smoker for years, and everyone in your life is harassing you to call it quits. Maybe you’ve never been a smoker and you’re interested in trying something that’s increasing in popularity. Or maybe you just want to blow smoke in people’s faces.

That’s okay, because I’m here to push you off the fence. All jokes aside, there are easily five really good reasons to pick up vaping, so here’s why everyone should vape.

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Growing Community

As with any growing underground hobby, there is an incredible community developing. There are any number of forums and message boards dedicated to e-cigs and vapers. Members share tips and tricks, meet up in person and often develop friendships. Studies have proven that having a community is one of the most beneficial things a person can do, as they improve love, longevity, happiness indexes and even career success. For many smokers, smoking is a social activity, so these communities are very important to people considering the switch to e-cigs. Personally, I think this is a good enough reason for anyone to pick up vaping.

Cost Effective

Although vaping can be initially expensive when you buy your unit, maintenance and e-juice purchases are comparably reasonable. A single 30 milliliter unit of high quality smoking liquid costs around $14.99. Though, how long that amount of liquid will last depends on the user and is a similar question to how long a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of Scotch would last — obviously, it will depend on the level of usage.

It could take only a day for near constant consumers to go through 30 milliliters of e-liquid, but this is as uncommon as individuals who drink a fifth of Scotch in a sitting. Let’s assume a pack of normal cigarettes will cost $7.50 on average and you smoke a pack a day. Even if 30 milliliters only lasts a week, you would be saving $37.50 each week, which is a sizeable amount when you consider that’s almost $2,000 a year in savings.


One of the major benefits of vaping is that it’s an unobtrusive pastime. Contrast this with how objectively obtrusive cigar or cigarette smoke can be. This is a large reason bans on smoking in places like restaurants became so prevalent. When someone is smoking even twenty feet from your cheeseburger, the tobacco smoke is the only thing you can taste and smell.

This doesn’t happen with vaping because the “smoke” or vapor dissipates quickly and carries little to no scent with it, and certainly not at levels that are disturbing. Thus, individuals trying to keep a certain level of civilized propriety in their lives can look to vaping as a viable pastime.

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One of the greater draws of vaping to many members of the community is the ability to customize their units. By the very nature of the technology inherent to these devices there is a certain amount of potential customization that can be undertaken by any owner and operator in much the same way as is possible with either a vehicle or a computer. Like these other two feats of engineering and technology, there is a single underlying principle that is followed to achieve the physical act of vaporization.

However, there are many different ways of customizing to suit the needs of the individual user. Like a vehicle can have varying levels of horsepower, torque and gas-mileage that can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, an e-cigarette will have a balance of harshness, vapor volume, battery use and flavor balance that can also be manipulated in a variety of technical ways. So, people who enjoy tinkering can customize their e-cigs to their hearts’ content.

Variety of Flavors

One of the most incredible aspects of this hobby is that it has already expanded to encompass a veritable symphony of flavors to suit the desires and interests of every single potential client. Plus, there is a huge support structure for individuals who are looking to start trying new and exciting flavors. Thus, not only can consumers continue to try new and exciting flavors cheaply but they can also lock in their favorites with relative simplicity.

Basically, there are many benefits to being a vaper from joining a new group of potential friends to encouraging ingenuity. Altogether the decision to become a potential vaper is one that shouldn’t contain any stigma or even real hesitation. Exercise your autonomy and try something new with an electronic cigarette. I certainly never looked back,


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