5 Funniest ways to earn money online

Making money nowadays is a hard task if you don’t know where to look. Most office jobs are not available, and if you are lucky to get one, you will be stuck there till boredom makes you change your career. But this is not the case anymore. You don’t need academic doctorates or be a freelancer to start making money. All you have to do is a little practice for weird and funny jobs. If you believe you need to earn money, and you have no way out, brace and believe in yourself. You can start making a lot of ‘Benjamins’ in doing what other people deem weird or funny. Take a look below.

Interpret what pets are saying

If you consider yourself a psychic or a medium, this is the perfect job for you. There are a lot of people out there who have connected or connected with their pets. The problem, most people do not understand the language of their pets. Many pet owners pay up to $25 if you can tell them what their pets or animals are saying. Other people have gone a notch higher if to pay more if you can communicate with their dead pets. This sounds weird, but it’s a job. After life communication services for the animals is a thing now. You get paid after you prove it. You can also get paid if you give your testimony as proof. You can also get paid to train pets to speak and also understand what people are saying. Like how parrots do. If you can make them sing, the payment is even higher. You can get your clients online and travel to their places to offer your services. You can also transcript a video of a recorded pet.

Online betting and Casino games

Betting can be done in many sports including football matches, rugby, cricket, horse racing and even soccer. Interesting to note is the fact that some can earn you cash in seconds. Horse racing, for example, takes less than 3 minutes meaning if you place your bet on the right horse you can make quick money. Most football and soccer betting sites today support live betting meaning you can make money during the entire game. All you have to do is to be good at predicting and maybe some luck.

Apart from betting, you can also make money through by playing casino games. Casino games are like betting but with some tricks. Other casino games are just straight forward. Going to clubs or at places to play casino games is so old. Nowadays, you can just play online casino games like slots. These are popularly known as pokies, or poker machines. There are various slot games in which you can funnily make money.

Be an online Model

You have probably seen people online with different odd looking clothes every day. And if you follow them, you might realize that they might have 365 such clothes for the whole year. Is that possible? You have the answer. Those people get paid to advertise the clothes. Anyone who buys the cloth after that, the model gets paid on a commission basis, most commissions go up to 40% of the total money the cloth is priced. You can also take selfies with your food in popular places. The more the traffic you bring, the more the commission you will make, hence more money. It’s like affiliate marketing. You only need a starting capital of unlimited internet and a lot of friends and followers on social media.

PPC, PTC and Online surveys

If you cannot do the above, you can acquire a computer and start clicking ads the whole day. That’s how you make money in this sector. PTC sites usually have members who click on the ads they post creating traffic for the advertiser. The advertisers, in turn, pay the PTC websites for the traffic they obtain through the clicks. The site gets to pay the members eventually. Though most of the PTC sites are not legit these days. Funny to note is the fact that you get paid for using your mouse to click only.

Create You-tube Channels

Though the sole purpose of opening a you-tube channel is to entertain, educate or give info on a product, you can also generate money with it. If you can make funny and viral videos, you can get a lot of traffic. With a million views, you can create a significant revenue through traffic. Furthermore, you can monetize your posts with adverts from Adsense and start earning if your channels already have a huge following.


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