5 Essential Items You Should Pack for Your Next Trip

Planning a trip soon? Now that summer is here and most Americans are vaccinated, we’re feeling more confident than over to take to the skies or hop in a car and travel to a new or favorite destination. In fact, more than half of people in the United States plan to travel in the next coming months.

It’s easy to forget a thing or two when packing, as there is just so much to keep track of. Indeed, traveling can be stressful, and it can be easy to forget something – and stressful to try and remember it all. On top of packing woes, you also have to coordinate things like lodging, transportation, and activities.

Luckily, we’re here to help with a handy checklist of every essential item you should pack before your next trip and why. Consult this list when preparing for your travels and you’ll be a little less stressed about getting to your destination. It’s important to be prepared for anything, especially when traveling. However, you also don’t want to pack too heavily – after all, you’re lugging your baggage around with you everywhere during your travels!

The key is finding the right balance between items that you need and items that are nice to have. In addition, the size of your bag largely influences what you should pack. Are you bringing a suitcase? Carry-on? Personal item? Weekend duffel? Whatever the case, here’s what you absolutely shouldn’t leave behind at home.

1.   Clothes

This category may be hard to forget, but there’s always some piece of clothing that you wish you had brought with you. Most of the time, jeans are a versatile option to pack for any sort of trip. They are durable enough for multiple wears, comfortable enough for long days, and can be worn for several different occasions, both casually and formally.

Another common item people forget to pack is pajamas. Unless you sleep in your birthday suit, you always want to pack something comfortable to wear to bed. This item is easily overlooked, since you aren’t usually thinking about packing for sleep when traveling.

Finally, always remember to check the weather for your destination the week of to get a sense of the temperatures over there. Based on the weather conditions, you can make an educated guess on what to pack, so that you aren’t left freezing in the cold or sweating in the heat. If you’re packing for the mountains, it’s best to bring a sweater. If you’re going to a tropical paradise, bring a bathing suit or two.

2.   Technology Accessories

Ah, technology. Most of us can’t live without it. How do you ensure your phones will be charged, and that you can listen to music while on your plane or car ride with earbuds? Be sure to pack essential technology accessories such as chargers, chords, and cases. Don’t forget your laptop, phone, camera, and earphones. You’ll end up deeply regretting it!

3.   Shoes

They go on your feet, and are just as important as clothes. Be sure to pack the right types of shoes for your vacation adventures. If you’re spending most of the time with your toes in the sand, bring sandals. If you’re planning to do a lot of walking or hiking, wear sneakers. If you’ll be walking in the cold or snow, pack some boots. It’s always a good idea to pack at least two pairs of different types of shoes, just in case.

4.   Makeup and Jewelry (If Applicable)

Women (and sometimes men), listen up! It’s easy to forget accessories for your face and body such as makeup and jewelry. Pack at least one of each (or better yet, wear it!) so that you don’t forget to add a bit of style to your outfit.

5.   Undergarments

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there – and that you don’t need them! The essential undergarments like panties, boxers, socks, and bras should be packed in your travel bags, no matter where you’re going. Don’t end up at a random store paying for something you have at home because you forgot!

(Panties, bras, socks, boxers)