4 Ways to Improve Your Professional Reach and Engagement with Social Media

The internet has made it a whole lot easier for people to make money and start a business in the world today. Anyone with an expertise, passion or skill, can get online, build a site, or even use the power of social media to reach new audiences and start generating income from pretty much anything.

With all of this in mind, if you want to make money, you need to build a trustworthy brand and also reach new audiences daily. To accomplish this, you will need to rely on some of the best tools and solutions for getting the job done.

Today we are going to look at four different ways you can improve your professional reach and engagement through the use of social media, and leveraging different tools and solutions online.

Create Engaging Videos that Grab Users Attention

When you see someone on their mobile device with their eyes glued to the screen, it’s usually because they are on their favorite social networking platform. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s all about scrolling through your feed to see what the latest updates, trends, and viral videos area.

Speaking of viral videos… video content gets the most attention over all other content types when it comes to social media — and especially when it’s being viewed on a mobile device.

For professionals and businesses that are looking to use online video as a way to reach new audiences and bring in new customers, creating a video about your services or brand is a great idea. However, it shouldn’t be a boring video just on products and placing orders. Instead, it needs to be focused on storytelling and giving your audience and reason to watch, and then acting on whatever it might be that you have to offer.

Best of all, with so many different video creation platforms and software solutions online today, there are little to no design or technical skills required to get started. In most cases, videos can be created with a simple drag and drop of different content.

Should you already have a content creation and marketing budget in place, then you might want to explore your options with completely custom animation videos to share the story and focus of your brand. Talking head videos work, but there are so many more exciting options out there for when it comes to animated and original artwork videos.

For example, imagine how much more exciting your brand story would be if you had a storyline wheel video created to tell your brand story, purchase, and value to the masses. Not only do these types of videos have a much higher level of professionalism and quality, they are also much more engaging to audiences as well.

If you aren’t currently using video within your social media content and marketing efforts, right now is a great time to get started.

Better Understand Your Target Audience on Social

With so much focus on social media these days, it’s important to not always just look at your follower count — but also your engagement and ROI numbers as well.

In fact, with so many people actively using social media, many people are creating new accounts and leaving old ones to go stale all the time. While it might seem like you have 10,000 followers getting all of your content and updates, it might actually be around half of that.

A better way to understand your real follower account and give you better expectations on the ROI you might see from your social media marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to run occasional audits on your social profiles and followers. Most of these social media auditing tools are free to use, and will provide you with a report within just a few seconds.

After analyzing your data, not only will you have a better idea on what type of content performs best for your brand and your audience, but also how you can create more of it as well. The majority of these audit tools will look back at the history of your account over time, while also providing you with some easy to follow charts and visuals, which make the analysis process much better than just reading through data and text.

The better understanding you have on who your audience is, what type of content they are engaging with, and what your actual follower numbers are — then you can better understand how to scale out your business and the type of ROI you are seeing over time.

Use Pixel Tracking and Remarketing to Improve ROI

Social media is great for many different things, and paid advertising is definitely one of those benefits.

However, with social media, it’s not just about setting up ads and letting them run to the masses, it’s also about knowing your audience and setting up the right demographic and interest targeting options as well. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are both really good with this, and they are both on a self-serve advertising platform that allows you to learn more and keep getting better over time.

Another component of social media advertising that every professional should know about, is remarketing and pixel tracking.

Through the use of these methods, one can deliver advertisements to audiences that have already visit your site, joined your mailing list, or performed a specific task of your choice. The benefit here is that such high-quality remarketing allows for much higher conversions and lower costs. To learn more about how each of these methods work on different social platforms, Neil Patel came out with a great reference guide on this.

Since it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer versus bring back a new one, millions of brands have found great success with remarketing and pixel tracking on social media.

Social Media is Driving Millions of New Leads Daily

No matter what type of professional or expert you might be, social media is still one of the best ways to grow your brand and reach daily.

With so many different platforms out there to choose from, and an endless need for new content, using any or all of the recommendations above would be idea.

If you aren’t sure with to get started with, simply pick one and test your results. If you aren’t happy with the results the first time around, try the next and then repeat the process again and again.