4 Tips to Write on Women’s Issues in Gender Studies

Gender Studies on its own is not taken seriously, and besides, when you use the word, Women’s issues, you will piss someone. But how do present your ideas and thoughts about a subject that is bizarre and taboo to many? The answer is to start writing and mind the following guidelines!

Get an Action Plan

There are many ways you can support each other, but you won’t succeed if you look for quick and easy ways. You need focus, strategy, and approach. Try some cross-cutting themes. Qualitative stories and case studies can prove impact, but you need some quantitative research with specified indicators.

When you write about issues (particularly about women), you need to focus on social change instead of something that can be dealt with only one project.

Show You are Women Driven

If you want to write on this topic, you need to show you understand the importance of women driver leadership and want to see others preach this practice. You have to empower your siders and shoe that they are decision makers in their own realm.

You can only achieve this if your organization has 50% women presence in board and upper management. You also need to show that the women take part in conception and design of your projects. Therefore, initial proposal is not the end; you will have following questions.

Show Respect

If you want to talk about issues, you need to write on them. Show respect of the platform you are writing from.  You can buy essay and pretend you did your part but that won’t make an impact.  You have to show respect for the cause.

Refrain yourself from making a sweeping generalization about anyone. It won’t add value to your work

Don’t Use Pity Pleas

Instigating pity in your work is an effective marketing approach. This invokes emotion, and people throw their money. But it’s doesn’t work in the long run. So, if you are going to depict your fellow helpless and damsel in distress, you will fail.

To support your notion, you need to change this predominate attitude about women and try to accomplish something instead of building your empire upon pity. This will invoke a sense of admiration, wonder, and justice.

Show strong figures from history instead of submissive recipients.

Stay up to Date About SDG 5

Do you know that most funding for women comes from the government instead of private or individual sources? This is because Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) is to achieve gender equality and empower women and young girls.

To apply for this, you need to mention which target your project will achieve. If you are applying for private funding, don’t be biased.

Stay in Loop

Women have universal status so don’t get carried about temporary flux. Stay up to date with social media, do your research and in-person marketing. Meeting leading figures and take parts in various events promoting same cause as you do.

This will help you jot down your issues in a more acceptable light.


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