4 Non-Invasive Fat-Reduction Treatments That Are Really Cutting It

Technology and science are progressing fast and they now offer some solutions to help combat the problem of excessive weight gain around the world. Of course, nothing can beat a healthy balanced diet and exercise in the efficiency in redesigning your body. However, there are now treatments that can help you achieve the desired results faster, and you won’t need to go through any invasive procedures for this.

The best of these fat-reduction treatments available today are:


Emsculpt is a non-invasive fat-reduction tool that will do great work on your abs. This procedure is focused on contouring and can pack as much of a punch as a gym.

This is because Emsculpt is a muscle-building treatment. It works by stimulating your muscles with ultrasound. The device makes the muscles contract, which means it’s working on your abs in a way similar to when you do core exercises at the gym.

Imagine doing a few thousand sit-ups, this is what the Emsculpt makes your body believe it did during the 20-minute treatment. But be advised that this procedure is far from comfortable.

The effect is good and it does not only burn fat but also tones your muscles, giving you abs you’ll be proud to show off. This particular type of tech is getting more popular, so we can expect to see more solutions that focus on increasing muscle tone and density instead of fat burning.


CoolSculpting is a fat-reduction treatment that freezes off your fat layer without damaging your skin in the process. This might sound scary, but the procedure is highly effective, says Dr. Janelle Vega, and offers proof in the form of pictures of her using CoolSculpting in Miami before and after.  The most important advantage of CoolSculpting is that it’s a very low-risk treatment.

This solution can be used to target many areas on the body, thus helping you get rid of the fat layer wherever you need it most. But bear in mind that this treatment is designed for those who really have excess fat to spare. It can only be used when there is enough fat for the device to work with.


SculpSure is a fat-reduction treatment that acts similar to CoolSculpting but uses the opposite thermal range to achieve the results. This means that instead of freezing your fat cells to the point of their destruction, this device heats them up. Both SculpSure and CoolSculpting take about three months of regular treatments to offer tangible results.

SculpSure uses laser to heat up the fat layer under your skin and destroy these cells. Then, they are flushed off from your body naturally through the lymphatic system.


Vanquish stands out among other non-invasive fat reduction treatments because it can target larger areas. This makes it a good solution for slimming up the abdominal area and thighs. This treatment uses radiofrequency to heat au and destroy fat cells. This treatment is rather effective and safe, which is why it’s popular today.

You won’t need any downtime to recover after it and you’ll only need about two or three treatments of 30-60 minutes. However, there is a catch as the results will manifest physically only about 8-12 weeks after the treatment.

In fact, you should be aware that none of the non-invasive fat-reduction solutions show the best results right away. The change will be gradual and you might feel rather tender after the procedure. Also, bear in mind that any treatments that use lasers are riskier.

You should also know that non-invasive fat-reduction treatments are designed to target “stubborn” areas that won’t shape up despite diet and exercise. This means that you shouldn’t use them to try and burn off a few hundred pounds. Any cosmetic fat-reduction treatments are more of a support to your lifestyle changes.

If you need something that will help reshape your body more significantly, you should consider surgical treatments, like liposuction. These treatments are sure to create much more potent visual results as you will lose dozens of pounds fast with them.

However, as all invasive procedures are risky, changing your lifestyle habits and dealing with the stubborn areas using non-invasive treatments is the safest and best way to go. You shouldn’t even consider any fat-reduction surgeries if you aren’t recommended one by your doctor. These cosmetic treatments, on the other hand, don’t need an extra permission from a qualified medical professional. But be sure you get them from someone certified and experienced as this will reduce the risk of side-effects significantly.