3 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is a malady that undoubtedly strikes all of us at one time or another. We have a job interview tomorrow morning. We’re hoping to hit the boss up for that raise he promised. We’re concerned about our eyesight. Do we need glasses? The list could be endless. But this is considered natural, and when the immediate crisis has passed, the anxiety we felt passes with it.

But a good portion of our citizens suffers from another sort of anxiety. This is called chronic anxiety and it can bring even the strongest men to their knees.

Anxiety can keep us awake all night, tossing and turning in our beds. This lack of good restful sleep only makes matters worse. In the workplace, anxiety can cause us to fumble and make mistakes because of this anxiety. It is somewhat similar to looking constantly over your shoulder because you feel someone is monitoring, and disapproving of your every move.

Here are three of the most popular remedies to relieve those dread attacks of anxiety:

  1. Chamomile Tea

One remedy nearly everyone recommends is chamomile tea. Two of its ingredients,apigenin, and luteolin. Chamomile tea has long been touted as an aid to restful sleep if taken at bedtime and is claimed to have calmative effects. While some may swear by it, most of us feel that chamomile tea’s pale diluted appearance is unappetizing, that it has little or no flavor for them, and they simply don’t like it. This is particularly notable among persons who normally drink stronger tea or coffee.

  1. L-lysine

L-lysine may be more helpful. This amino acid is considered to be one of the bricks that go into the construction and maintenance of our brains. Although there is no medical evidence to back up this claim, many say that L-lysine is a cure-all for nearly every bodily of mental ailment that may attack any person. They claim it is quite beneficial in the calming of those suffering from anxiety as well,

  1. American hemp oil

Another remedy has recently become available and can be found on the Internet. Commonly called CBD,this extract from cannabis and hemp already has many satisfied customers. More information about this product is available at americanhempoil.net. CBD is safe and legal in all fifty states and this product is easy to use and cost effective.

Anxiety can be a crippling affliction. It often causes us to lose time at work, to miss out on job opportunities because of this, and certainly is of little help in maintaining warm relationships with our loved ones.

It’s time to act now. The time has come for us to do something about anxiety. We can’t let such a tiresome and intangible affliction ruin our daily lives along with our relationships and our ability to enjoy life both at home and in the workplace.

You know you deserve better. We all deserve better, so it’s incumbent on us to grab anxiety by the throat and choke it into oblivion.


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