12 Safest Places to Hide Your Stuff From Parents

A good hider is creative. Look around your room for creative hiding places. Innocent looking things are usually best. Note that sock drawers, back of wardrobes, shoe boxes are quite obvious to someone who is looking. Perhaps try looking in someone else’s room for stuff and think about where you look.

There are all kinds of places around your house to hide things. Just think about all the obvious places people hide things like under the mattress and such and don’t hide them there. Think of creative places that nobody would think of. Hope this gives some people some ideas.

The Kitchen

Flour bin

Flour and sugar bins are great places to hide bagged valuables as long as you keep the bin full enough to cover them.

Frozen food pack

Hiding your valuables inside a resealed frozen food box, such as a microwave dinner, will fool any criminal. Pile it at the bottom of the rest of your frozen food and no one will notice anything different about it.

The Pantry

Like the frozen food idea, you can do the same thing with your pantry. Hide your valuables inside a cereal or pasta box, or even a well-washed jar covered well by a label.

The Yard

Buried Containers

Like buried treasure, encasing your valuables in double layer plastic bags and then placing them in a water-tight container will keep them safe. Just make sure no one is watching when you bury it.

Lawn furniture legs

Many plastic, or metal patio furniture has hollow legs. Wooden furniture legs can be hollowed out easily with a drill. After securing your valuables in several layers of plastic bag, simply insert them into the furniture legs.

Paving stones

If you have a patio or walkway of unset paving or stepping-stones, you can hide your valuables under one of them. Just be sure to remember which one you have used, and make sure that it is impossible to tell by looking at them.

The Other Rooms

Potted Plants

Valuables that you don’t have to get at frequently can be hidden well inside potted plants. Securing them in sturdy plastic bags and burying them in the potting soil will make it impossible to find them.

Fish tanks

With airtight containers, your valuables can be hidden under the gravel, in the filter (if small), or inside decorations in your fish tank.

Inside Candles

Very tiny valuables can be hidden inside decorative candles that you make yourself. Be sure that the high heat of the melted wax will not damage your valuables.

Furniture Panels

A popular place to hide valuables is in hidden compartments in desks and dressers. However, you can also hide them inside the springs of a couch, in hollowed out furniture legs, or behind decorative molding.


Thin valuables such as paper stock certificates or bonds can be sewn into heavy, and dark colored, curtains or draperies. They will not be noticeable resting in the curtain lining.

Battery compartment of radio

Take the batteries out of your radio and put your stuff in there.

Inside your trash can

Take your garbage bag out. Put your stuff inside the trash can base. Then put your trash bag in. What robber would think to look there. They would probably think someone would have to be crazy to store something there. Again don’t forget its there.


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