10 Hot Celebrity Dads

I am feeling lucky today that these sexy men are not our dads.Or it would be weird to lust after them …

David Beckham

This star soccer player, husband, model to Victoria Beckham, got his kids’ names — tattooed on his back. Well, that’s pretty sweet! He is a loving father and yes one of the hottest dads too.

Ben Affleck

Dear Mr. Ben Affleck, You have won the Boring Celebrity Dad award –Hurray! well, being a boring dad is really a great thing in Hollywood. You can see Ben with daughters Violet and Seraphina and wife Jennifer Garner at parks and at baseball games.

Will Smith


It was hard to imagine the goofy, rapping, joke-cracking Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air maturing into a dad, but with wife Jada Pinkett by his side, he’s all family man. The two became parents to Jaden in ’98 and Willow in ’00. His video Just the Two of Us — which features him clowning around with his son from a previous relationship, Trey, born in ’92 — is evidence that even though Smith gets to rock Hollywood blockbusters and rap worldwide, being a dad is the best job he has.

Jon Stewart

A dad that’s hilarious, smart, and hot? Not too good to be true. The only problem will be when Nathan (born July ’04) and Maggie (born February ’06) try to pull a fast one on this sharp dad — we’re not sure they’ll be able to get anything by Papa Stewart. Good luck, kids!

Brad Pitt

Dad to Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, Knox and Vivienne, Brad Pitt has his hands full. If the acting thing doesn’t work out, he could always paint a bus and start a traveling family choir, Von Trapp style.
Brad Pitt with kids

Hugh Jackman

Yes, the perfect body’s nice, but what’s sexiest about actor Hugh Jackman is how obviously smitten he is with his two adopted children — Oscar (born in May ’00) and Ava (born July ’05). Jackman seems to be a playful dad; he’s been photographed having snowball fights and zooming down playground slides.

Johnny Depp

You may have doubts about the paternal instinct of a man who pillages ships, wields scissor-hands, and turns people into minced meat pies on the big screen, but this dreamy dad is actually a family man. Depp and his partner Vanessa Paradis have two children, Lily-Rose (born May ’99) and John “Jack” Christopher Depp III (born April ’02). It can’t be an accident that we know very little about them — the enigmatic Depp has kept his family life private. Does he dress up in pirate swag or give them pocketfuls of chocolate bars?

Tom Cruise

Cruise is experiencing the full spectrum of parenting with his wife Katie Holmes and two teenagers (Isabella, born in December ’92, and Connor, born in January ’95 — both adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman) and a preschooler (Suri, born in April ’06 to wife Katie Holmes).


Babies bring out the softies in everyone — even cool guys like Usher. The R&B singer told RWDmag.com he witnessed the birth of his son Usher Raymond V (born November ’07). “It wasn’t gory at all — I cut the cord and everything. It was the realest tear I ever cried. It was uncontrollable; when I heard his voice, I just cried (snaps fingers) like that.” Usher is also dad to Naviyd (born December ’08.)

Christian Bale

Christian Bale plays a role of superdad in real life to his daughter Emmeline and a good husband with wife Sibi Balzic. I loved his performance in the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

10 Hot Celebrity Dads


What makes a celebrity dad?

Must have a child.

For one to become a celebrity dad, he must, of course, have a child. And that child must also be famous and of course, an offspring of the celebrity father.

And it doesn’t matter if the child’s mother is also a  celebrity or not. The usual thing that happens today is that most dads don’t publicize their child to the media, especially if they are not the kind of dad who wants the public to know every aspect of his life.

However, there are also some that have publicized and shared to everyone that they already have a son, just like in the case of Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith.


The father must be famous, because after all, he is a celebrity, right? The definition of being a celebrity differs, because one can be a celebrity by being an actor, singer, dancer, politician, or even as a social media star.

However, most celebrity dads today are actors and singers, just like Jay Z, Channing Tatum, and Ricky Martin. In order for one to be called a celebrity dad, he must be famous, whether it be locally and just inside the country, or throughout the whole world as well.

It’s a matter of getting as much fame for one to become a recognized celebrity dad. However, there are also some who are famous sports athletes in the case of David Beckham.

Strong physical appeal.

The world has a strong fuzz about celebrity dads because mainly of their physical appeal. Their looks should be appealing and attractive, along with their strong-toned body.

This is an interesting thing for many as what people usually see are mothers along with their child. After all, that’s the natural scenario for many, right?

However, it’s a different thing when it comes to fathers as they aren’t always seen to be alongside their child because either they are busy at work or some other thing.

This is why celebrity dads are a craze among many now because despite their busy schedule for their work in Hollywood or their latest studio album, and with the huge fan base and fame they have, they still have time for their child.

This is one of the many things that makes the topic and thought of celebrity dads interesting for many. Despite the manliness, power, and amount of responsibility, they can still humble themselves down and spend time with their child.

Guts and charisma.

For a celebrity dad to be called one, he must not only look good, but also have the guts and charisma needed for a man to be called a celebrity. He must be confident, have a distinct and interesting attitude, and have the guts to stand out from the rest.

Being a father isn’t easy especially if you’re a celebrity because aside from dealing with your job, you also have to deal with the world and all the millions of people who are watching you along with your job, personal life, and family updates.

You need to take all these pressure and stress calmly and gracefully for you to know what it’s like to be a real father, despite the buzz this world has.

Active media presence with child.

For one to be called as a legit celebrity dad, he must appear in the media along with his child. This can either be in interviews, press cons, paparazzi sightings, movies, shows, and many more.

Even appearing in social media, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites, is included. And not just appearing once or twice, but all of the time.

This is needed especially that the world, especially that the fans, need to get a regular bit of update from their favorite celebrity dads.

It might be a bit annoying for some, but it’s needed especially that they’re called as a celebrity. And being a celebrity means that you need to be one with the people and fans, whether you know them or not.

Yes, being a celebrity dad isn’t easy, but it’s also not that hard as long as you know how to deal with everything in the most graceful of way.


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