10 Dental Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Smile Beautiful

A smile is more powerful than you think. Showing a beautiful smile makes your face glow even brighter. After a multi-step beauty routine and putting on the right makeup, the one final ingredient you want to add to your look is a beautiful smile.

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Maintaining the beauty of your smile starts with maintaining the hygiene and health of your teeth. When you have healthy teeth, you know you can rock that smile with more confidence. Fortunately, maintaining the health of your teeth is easy with these dental hygiene tips in mind.

1. Brush (at Least) Twice a Day

I know this is a tip that everyone knows – including you – but are you brushing your teeth at least twice a day? Brushing is the most basic way to protect your teeth from bacterial build-up and substances that harm the teeth. Doing it twice a day or more is a good start.

2. Brush Correctly

When you do brush your teeth, make sure you brush correctly. The way you brush will also affect how healthy your teeth are in the long run. Brushing too hard, for example, can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth and weaken the teeth as a whole.

3. Use Mouthwash

Another basic tip that we often neglect is using mouthwash after brushing. A good mouthwash is one that suits you perfectly. This means you have to understand the characteristics of your mouth and your teeth before choosing a mouthwash to use.

When you use a mouthwash that contains alcohol and you feel your mouth drying up afterwards, you need to look for another mouthwash with less invasive ingredients. Other mouthwashes may cause you to salivate more, which is also not good for the health of the teeth.

4. Watch What You Drink…

The drinks you consume could cause cavities and tooth decay. When you drink a lot of acidic drinks, you will see signs of the enamel being softened; there are visible marks if you continue to drink a lot of acidic beverages.

Sugary drinks are also not good for the teeth. Soda with a high concentration of sugar may be refreshing, but the sugar it contains is sticky enough to linger and cause damage to your teeth.

5. …and What You Eat

The same goes for the food you consume. Chips, for instance, are the main cause of many tooth problems. They often get to tight corners and gaps, and then stay there long after you ate them. They provide bacteria with plenty of nutrients and the right environment to grow.

6. Fix Tooth Problems Quickly

It is also worth noting that problems with a tooth can affect other teeth, which is why you always want to take tooth problems seriously. A good example is when a tooth gets broken as it doesn’t always come off with the root portion of it.

In this case, you want to see a dentist immediately. At facilities like Perfect Smile Spa, you can also get cosmetic dental services, which means you can fix the problem and restore the beauty of your smile in a more seamless process.

7. Go for Regular Check-Ups

It is even better if you visit your dentist regularly, since this allows you to spot any problems early. Instead of waiting for the issues to become more severe and difficult to handle, you can take milder steps such as scaling to fix them early.

Regular check-ups also allow you to get more tips on how to best maintain the health of your teeth, including the best mouthwash to use and the right toothbrush to pick up.

8. Use Fluoridated Toothpaste

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the use of fluoride in toothpaste, but the simple fact is this: it strengthens the enamel. Fluoride is not for fixing damaged enamel, but it is the ingredient that can help strengthen enamel that gets weakened by food and drinks – or bad dental hygiene.

Fluoridated toothpaste reduces the risk of tooth decay. Combined with brushing regularly, you can avoid bigger problems with your teeth.

9. Floss Carefully

Another thing that is highly recommended if you want to keep your teeth healthy and clean is flossing. That said, you want to be gentle when flossing your teeth. Use a dental floss that is soft and has a good tension to it. Don’t use force when flossing. The goal here isn’t to remove food particles and other substances from gaps in a forceful way, but rather to chip them away slowly and gently.

10. Drop Your Dental Bad Habits

Other habits, on the other hand, are actually bad for your teeth. Using toothpicks instead of dental floss is never recommended. The sharp edge of a toothpick can cause damage to your gums and teeth. If you do have to use a toothpick, be even gentler.

Drinking too much coffee and smoking are also bad habits you want to drop if you are serious about keeping your teeth healthy. Coffee and cigarettes are notoriously bad for the teeth and they often leave stains that aren’t so easy to remove.

Follow these 10 dental hygiene tips and the rest should be easy. With healthy and beautiful teeth, you can always give your best smile and look even more beautiful for any occasion. After all, having the perfect smile gives you a boost in confidence, which will also let your beauty shine even brighter.


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