Top Five Summer Rail Holidays for 2013

So now you’ve decided to go on a rail holiday this summer, where do you actually want to go? The options are endless and the routes are varied enough to make you dizzy, so we’ve done you a favour and picked out the cream of the crop.

All these Great Rail holidays provide you with absolute comfort and relaxation, while taking you through some of the most dazzling locales on the globe. So don’t plan anything until you’ve read through these – you won’t be sorry.


USA Coast to Coast

Who hasn’t dreamt of making this trip? Rather than sweating it out with the retired folks in Florida, why not take in the real America, close-up? Leave London for New York City and start your holiday in style. Then prepare to feast your eyes on pure Americana: the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, the desert states and the eternal sunshine of southern California, Los Angeles and Hollywood. You’ll see the terrain of this vast landscape change before your eyes – a vision of America most tourists never get to see.

Beside Lake Como

Thinking of something a touch more romantic and fancy? Few things spell pure luxury like gorgeous Lake Como, a preferred destination of the wealthy. Take a 10-day rail tour through picturesque Italian towns and villages, delighting in the stunning architecture and food. The mountain backdrop and clear blue waters make this the perfect romantic getaway.

India’s Golden Triangle

If you’d prefer something a little more exotic, get yourself on this five star Indian rail tour. This 13-day journey through the vibrant colours, perfumes and sights of India will give you an insight into some of the country’s great cultural landmarks. The Golden Triangle refers to the historical route spanning Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Take in pink-hued cities, historical ruins and, of course, the Taj Mahal, for the trip of a lifetime.

Trans-Siberian Express

One of the most attractive qualities of rail travel is the way it harks back to a more romantic era, allowing you to leave behind the stresses of the modern world and escape into a decadent bygone era. With a train named the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, you know that you’re stepping right into another period on this rail route. Travelling in the absolute lap of luxury across Russia and ending just at the border of China, this is old-world class come to life.

The Isle of Man

Maybe running off halfway around the world isn’t quite what you were planning this year and you’re looking for something a little closer to home. If so, there are some stunning rail routes across the UK that rival anything on the continent or in Asia.

Why not try a Vintage Railway of the Isle of Man holiday, and take in the stunning scenery and coastline of the British Isles. Learn the history of the British railways, and experience the country in a whole new way.


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