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Top 40 Celebrity Nip Slips

Nip Slips are an integral part of the celebrity culture now or so it seems. Whether they do it for publicity or it just is a wardrobe malfunction we do not know. And frankly who cares. We just love taking a sneak peak into the lustrous assets of these world famous celebrities. So look on who knows the celebrities might have actually done it to have a look.

Here is a list of the top 40 Celebrity Nip Slips that I am sure you will love.

  1. Paris Hilton

Source: thefrisky.com

Oops! It seems Paris is too drunk to note the nip slip that occurred. Indeed, this is nothing new for Paris but if you haven’t seen this before I am sure you are going to relish it.

2. Marissa Miller

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Now this isn’t exactly a nip slip but model Marissa Miller sure flaunts her assets in style. My verdict – this is better than most of the nip slips around.

3. Milla Jovovich

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

So the renowned American actress has done it too. Oh yeah! She has! I have my reservations about it was unintentional though.

4. Lady Gaga

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Whatever Lady Gaga does, she does in style. Right from weird hairstyles to her unique dressing sense she is just a tad different from the other celebrities around. Need to be a bit careful my lady.

5. Rihanna

Source: thefrisky.com

Oops! Rihanna seems to preoccupied to note her nip slip which was caught on cam instantaneously. Some clever lenses we have now-a-days.

6. Janet Jackson

Source: fashionista.com

We and saw and heard what happened. The question is how many times was it rehearsed. Way to go Janet.

7. Emma Watson

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

It seems the Harry Potter girl had her bit of nip slip too. And yes I loved your movies.

8. Jessica Simpson

Source: fashionista.com

Now the reason why I chose this pic is we all love her cleavage. It seems she has overdone it by just a bit here.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Source: fashionista.com

Once upon a time in Lindsay Lohan’s life. Mean! Ain’t it?

10. Demi Lovato


Bending over dressed in a tight dress is never a good idea. Seems you need lessons Demi.

11. Pamela Anderson

Source: thefrisky.com

I must admit the name says it all. If not adore the picture. Pamela and her assets!

12. Phoebe Price

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Actress and model Phoebe Price does it in style. Undoubtedly she got this picture clicked, the question is did you know of the nips popping out?

13. Beyonce

Source: celebrity-nip-slips.blogspot.in

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z were holidaying in Hawaii when this nip slip occurred. Typical Hawaii picture ain’t it?

14. Misca Barton

Source: thefrisky.com

We know how she flashes of in limos but do you all know of the few nip slips she had? Too drunk are we?

15. Anne Curtis

Source: celebrity-nip-slips.blogspot.in

Now this is what we call an accidental humiliation. Anne Curtis faced this wardrobe malfunction which performing live on stage.

17. Britney Spears

Source: fashionista.com

This picture might be a bit old but it does establish the fact that Britney indeed was and is a hot piece of cake.
18. Carrie Prejean

Source: celebrity-nip-slips.blogspot.in

We love water nip slips don’t we? Check out this super hot picture of Carrie Prejean. Some hot stuff the former Miss California is.

 19. Penelope Cruize

Source: fashionista.com

Personally I just love Penelope Cruize. She is undoubtedly one of the hottest ladies around. This is a favorite picture indeed.
20. Mary Anderson

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

The lady on a boat. Oops! Check yourself lady! Perhaps you are flaunting a bit too much of your hot bod.

21. Kim Katrall

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

The English – Canadian actress is sure some hot piece. Check out her nip slip and decide for yourself hot or not.

22. Sophie Monk

Source: thefrisky.com

Hey Sophie! Is your swim suit supposed to fit that way. I have my doubts.

23.  Elizabeth Hurley

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

I don’t think Elizabeth noticed that she is flashing a bit too much. Way to go Hurley.

24. Ashlee Simpson

Source: celeb-nip-slip.co

Now common we all love Ashlee Simpson for what she does and this picture might just make you fall for her yet again.

25. Alessandra Ambrrosio

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

I am pretty undecided on what exactly to comment about this picture. Feel free to provide it a super sexy caption.

26. Mollie King

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

The next time you adjust your stuff make sure you take a good look around Mollie. Better safe than sorry.

27. Khloe Kardashian

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Making public appearances and not being careful. Ahem! Watch out Khloe.

28. Whitney Port

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Sun bathing are we? Small piece of advice – Take a look around the next time you decide going sunbathing. There are camera’s zoomed all round you.

29. Keira Knightley

Source: fashionista.com

She’s sophisticated and ravishing, a lady in red indeed. But we couldn’t help notice the small nip slip.

30. Kelly Rowland

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Now we are tired of on stage nip slips why don’t you try something else as a publicity thing.

31. AnnaLynne McCord

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Looks like the beauty is in a rush. Careful next time Anna. With assets like that you need extra care.

32. Tara Reid

Source: fashionista.com

It seems Tara had a bit too many drinks. Thanks for showing us all the plastic surgery marks Tara. Now we know the secret to that beauty.

33. Nicki Minaj

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

And here we go with yet another example of on stage nip slip. Nicky Minaj at her best not just with singing.

34. Bai Ling

Source: celeb-nip-slip.com

Now Nip Slips are nothing new for Bai Ling but this is my personal favorite. Keep going Bai.

35. Kirten Dunst

Source: thefrisky.com

Is this how we wear a swim suit Kirten? Next time run a bit slow. Should save you some trouble.

36. Tila Tequila

Source: thefrisky.com

Dolled up eh? Forgot something did we? Before you pose for the camera next time make sure you checked your dress alright.

37. Megan Fox

Source: makefive.com

No disrespect for you Megan. I just love you. Hope you are careful the next time around.

38. Salma Hayek

Source: eatspraylove.com

The big daddy of all Nip Clips. Here we go with Salma Hayek.

 39. Christina Millian

Source: eatspraylove.com

Drunk celebrities do the best of nip slips. What do you think? Have a couple drinks next time Cristina.

40. Christina Aguilera

Source: fullfun4u.com

Tight dresses pop up the best of things. Christina likes to flash those but I bet she didn’t mean to in this picture.

We will be back with more as when possible. Keep checking this space for more.


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