Tips to Hosting a Girls’ Night

A couple of ideas for your Ladies’ Night

Busy schedules usually prevent us from meeting each other more frequently. It is getting more difficult to gather all our friends in one place for an exciting evening together. What is more, this makes us want to organize these rare girls’ nights in a remarkable way so that everyone remembers them since staying in touch is at the heart of strong friendship.
Here is a small list of ideas for your special evening:
• A wine-tasting party
•A themed quiz night. Several questions about Australian casino history would be perfect.
• An evening taking photos of each other
• A movie marathon


A home hosted wine-tasting party with your girls will be blast. All you need is about a dozen bottles of wine and a good mood. You will sit around the table, gossiping and laughing, and taste the wine telling what you feel and what it tastes like. Describe the bouquet of every kind of wine or try to guess what your friend is about to try. Imagine you are at a fancy reception and have fun.
If you feel like you want to practice your mind and share an exciting and intellectual quiz game with your girls, that may come out an outstanding experience. You should probably select a theme for the evening and let everyone know what to prepare to. Choose a field like fashion, celebrities, movies, etc. and prepare a bunch of questions for each other so that everyone enjoys the evening and clever and funny answers your friends suggest. As a prize, for instance, let your girls compete for an expensive bottle of champagne and the title of the smartest one till your next quiz night.
An alternative option is to gather for a ladies’ night and indulge yourself in applying multiple ideas of new makeup you have never tried. You can try on fancy dresses and look all shiny and awesome while your friends take pictures. Since there will be no selfies, these photos might lately be used to be posted on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. so that your followers would think you were caught unaware at some party looking fabulous as always.

Another idea is to organize a movie marathon with the main star being any handsome actor of your choice. Prepare all you need in advance and have a sip of your favorite every time he smiles on the screen. You will most definitely have a wonderful night with your friends full of jokes and laughter.
Whatever you choose for your ladies’ night, make it delightful, pleasing, and enjoyable. Always remember the ultimate goal: maintain a strong bond between you and your friends. Try to organize such events at least once a month so that you meet more often and spend a memorable time with your girls.


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