Superhero Workforce [Infographics]

This infographic will take you through what job roles superheroes would have if they worked in a warehouse, superheroes such as Spiderman, who would be a box packager, with his acrobatic skills he is able to get around grabbing boxes with his web. He is superfast at picking and packing which means he would be an essential part of the team. Captain America, would of course be the General manager, his ability will inspire his team and put himself before others, this will make him the perfect manager. PeopleVox have created this very creative infographic to see what it would be if superheroes had to have jobs and how well they would do at each job. Another example would be The Hulk; he will of course be the folk lift. With his brute strength is there really any other job that would be more perfect for him than this. Please see the infographic below to see which other superheroes are involved in this infographic.


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