Lifestyle Blogging- Passion and Career Growing Hand in Hand

Lifestyle blogging is the newest trend in the world of blogs, flooding the social media platforms every single day. Authors, or in this case, bloggers- write, create and publish numerous aspects of their everyday lives for others to read, learn and share.
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What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is all about the blogger’s personal interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, good and bad experiences or any other daily activity. The content of your blog can be something you are passionate about. If not, then you can write about an inspirational, real life experience or a critical analysis ofyour everyday life.

Topics covered in a lifestyle blog:

Topics of a lifestyle blog are never-ending. Inspired by their personal lives, lifestyle bloggers write about-

  • home,
  • family,
  • travel,
  • fashion,
  • food,
  • make up,
  • home décor,
  • jewellery,
  • diet,
  • food,
  • fitness,
  • tips and hacks,
  • books,
  • movies,
  • hospitality,
  • work life,
  • friends,
  • love life,
  • wedding,
  • health,
  • beauty treatments and so forth.

Lifestyle blogging is essentially a blend of content, which can be a combination of any of these areas, which the blogger finds inspiring or is passionate about. The format of the blogs can also vary from text entries, images, videos or a combination thereof.

Popularity of lifestyle blogging:

Lifestyle blogging has become so popular now, that it has moulded the shape of bloggers’ careers. People have actually taken up blogging as their career option and many of them are doing pretty good out of it. Their reader response has grown so remarkably, that it is driving them to write more and more blog entries every single day. Social media channels like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine and many other evolving channels have made it possible today to reach out to millions of people from all parts of the world. If you are a blogger, you can take help of blogging platforms such as Google’s Blogger or more sophisticated tools such as WordPress.

Advertise your blog:

Once your blogs are up online, brand advertisements are posted to the blog page or blog domain. With the perfect combination of brand product and lifestyle topics that engages the viewers of a blog, a blogger’s influencer outreach offers the sponsored brand exposure, brand promotion as well as brand awareness to their target digital audience in a way which is much less obtrusive than typical ads. This can be achieved if you share your blog on various social media platforms to get maximum reach in terms of views.

This is why, lifestyle bloggers attract advertisers, partnerships, sponsorships, and sponsored content providers to post about their products and services to achieve maximum viewer engagement. So, they are the ones who pay you when you have received a certain number of clicks or views. You will start getting more advertisements from different sources once you have an impressive number of people who follow your blog regularly. This in turn will provide the investment needed to grow your blog further, hence completing the investment-return cycle needed for any sustainable profession.

Author’s bio: Ruchi Gupta is a blogger and writes a lot of useful blogs on the art of blogging, technology, education, parenting and career opportunities.


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