Cameron Diaz Leaked, Nude, Stripped, and Naked Secrets

You probably know her from the  2014 American romantic comedy film The Other Woman,  follows three women—Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann), and Amber (Kate Upton)—who are all romantically involved with the same man, Mark (Coster-Waldau);the triodecide to take revenge on Mark after finding out about each other.

She has recently starred in the films Sex Tape  and Annie  in 2014, the former which included numerous nude scenes involving both Diaz and her male costar  Jason Segel.

Actress Cameron Diaz arrives at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) * Local Caption * Cameron Diaz

(Jan. 11, 2009 – Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America)


Coupling up with Tom Cruise starring as David Aames in the psychological trailer movie hit, “Vanilla Sky” in the year 2001, this babe actually performed the role of Julianna Gianni a.k.a. Julie as the ex-lover of David. Her role was a former girlfriend and a desperate lover of David. She was actually a psycho-killer in this scene because she killed herself together with David in a car crash.

She was able to deliver a perfect romantic scene with handcuffs together with Tom Cruise. In this film, you will see Cameron Diaz as a bit masochist and obsessed with aggressive bed scenes.  If you want to watch this film then you should!

Photoshoot: February 1999 ©Loaded Digital Limited Archive


In her way to stardom, Cammie worked on her first frontal magazine pictorial taken for loaded digital last February 1999 issue. Her seductive and daring photo shoot was intensely hot as she poses bare-naked while having naughty talks about alcohols, guns, and sex.

Inside this classic magazine, you will view her topless photos while she’s soaked wet at the swimming pool. She’s also tempting while doing her daring pose. Just imagine, what if Cameron Diaz was swimming at your own pool? Woah!


Her overall beauty, curves, and personality had crowned her as the 9th place in the most beautiful woman in the world by the World’s Top Most for the year 2016 and 2017. Her natural blue eyes, perfect body, and sex appeal have driven all men to praise her beauty. She really looks great in this photo taken while she’s on the pool and hair styled like Chun Lee.

The simple blue bikinis become voguish and gorgeous when she wore them. She’s a timeless beauty and she can confidently make her stance in a professional way.

Photoshoot: May 2008 @ GQ – UK Edition


Acting was not her only passion in the depths of her career life but also, she’s a hot model and has done many hilarious candid, photo shoots, and amazing pose on the cover of famous magazines. In this edition, she’s wearing a daring two-piece bikini in black and confidently made a stance.

How to be a Cameron Diaz? Her fit and healthy body makes every photographers, directors, and producers to nominate her as one of the best candidates for famous films.


Paparazzi’s had never failed to surprise the fans with celebrity nude pics while they’re enjoying vacation trips at the beach. Perhaps, this sexy lady has nothing to be ashamed or hide since her beautiful body speaks for herself. Wearing just a black panty at the beach, she’s very confident to show off what she got.

Cameron Diaz is a happy-go-lucky girl based on her gestures, personality, and appearance. She doesn’t care what the other people say as long as she’s doing the right thing and confidently show her true self. Being naked in front of the camera, does not make her feel ashamed but actually, it makes her look more tough, sexy, appealing, and beautiful.


If you’ll be browsing the pages inside the 1999 February Magazine Edition of Loaded, you’ll get much of this topless seductive figure of Cameron Diaz. If you’ll be buying it now 2016, well, it might not be available today. Perhaps, you could visit a great museum to look for Diaz’ loaded magazine page. Actually, you may also surf it all over the net though.

In this photoshoot, she was able to portray an amazing shot showing an independence, freedom, courage, and confidence. It’s not actually posing for nudity or porn, this image actually connotes a strong woman in her form.


Well, this is another page from the famous loaded edition of the 1999 Feb Magazine. Have a pleasuring glimpse of it!

She was totally naked in this scene but nothing to get worried about since she can manage. There’s nothing in here apart from the pool where she posed her beautiful body and make a tempting as well as sinful pose.

No one can stop Cameron Diaz to portray a seductive creative pose while doing it in a naked way. Some may find this nude and porn but it’s not actually the appropriate term to use. It’s a creative sexy and naked pictorial.


It’s been a dream for the guys in the whole wide world to glance a nude real pic of some celebrities but in fact, the celeb’s photographers just keep on hiding it. This is one of the never been seen nude photo shoot of Cammie in see-through braless pose


A beach vacation trip again but this time, she worn sexy bikini suits yet a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Can you find it? It’s on the brassiere!


No, this is not a hard XXX-rated porn nor Britney Spears neither. But actually, if you take a look a bit more, you’ll see the young Cameron Diaz on her soft core porn film. She was just a 19-year old here but the film had been spread entirely all over the world. She’s wearing bondage outfits seeing her nipples in this sexy suit.


Seeing her sexy butt, Cameron Diaz had her matured role again for the 2014 movie entitled, “Sex Tape”. It’s a comedy filmed movie together with her leading man – Jason Segel starring as her husband. If your curious enough, you may watch it while your alone.


This is another funny moment on the movie, “Sex Tape”.


A cute outfit for her “Sex Tape” filming with Jason Segel, all of the images below were some of the clips of the movie  and you should be watching it for sure you have thousand times to laugh about this comedy and bed scene film.


Haha! Look at her naked and jumping to her husband.

cameron-diaz-sex-tape-movie-pics-18 cameron-diaz-sex-tape-movie-pics-21

Lastly, this photo has been taken from the movie with Tom Cruise in the movie, “Vanilla Sky”. You’ll see how seductive and attractive Cameron Diaz is!