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Name it all. You have probably been given an offhand comment about how “you look great walking away” as crude as that sounds while minding your own business. In this overtly sexual generation, and with the invention of the internet it has become so easy to google stuff. And really one of the topics frequently looked up concerns body shapes. Ass is no exception. From superstars like Beyonce to runway models and fitness models and commoners, no one is exempt from being checked out.2014 MTV Video Music Awards Press Room Featuring: Beyonce Knowles Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 25 Aug 2014 Credit: Apega/WENN.com

Beyonce at 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Source: press room

Women all over the world seek the perfect ass size and shape. Hence those few hundred squats (check Caitlin Rice) and/or if you are rich enough, plastic surgery has become way safer. A few celebrities who have gone under the knife to make theirs asses to their liking include Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian.

But really who gets to decide what is the perfect ass to have? We can only decide best on the public’s opinion.  Let’s begin, shall we?


This 24-year-old is proof that with enough hard work and determination, one can achieve any body type they wish for, Cantas tiresome as that sounds. Those squats sure are doing her a lot of go. Can’tstop looking, can you?

Image result for caitlin rice fitness model

Caitlin Rice. « on: July 23, 2014, 11:08:18 am

Source: Female body building and fitness


What happens when you got money and you ain’t satisfied with your body? You use that money and get yourself some butt implants. This 33 year old rapper and songwriter had her ass done a few years ago and she looks stunning. Just look up her iconic video ‘Anaconda’ on youtube; you won’t be disappointed.

Image result for nicki minaj anaconda

When Nicki Minaj dropped “Anaconda”

Source: MySpace


Speaking of fake asses, really this cannot be done without mentioning a member of one of the most popular families on earth. Boasting a whooping 76.2 million followers on instagram, this lady certainly seems to have it all. All we can say is that Kanye is a very lucky man indeed.

Image result for kim kardashian bikini

Photo of Kim enjoying a stroll on the beach

Credit: Splash News Online


It doesn’t matter if you are a regular model or a supermodel, a great ass is a great ass. I dare you to say otherwise about this beautiful model.



She is the lady that briefly dated Justin Bieber back in 2014, but more importantly , you cannot deny her sex appeal. A beauty with a sexy ass to boot, what’s not to like?



Damn girl! Bria Miles surely makes every single men get attracted to her because of her naughty body shape and awesome ass size.

But seriously though..who has an ass like that?


This 32 year old actress really took the cake. Should we even proceed? Of course.


These days its not uncommon for everyone to try and be an instagram models. This selection was tough because everyone is beautiful. Here are just a few of these models.


A backless pose in orange sexy bikinis! This petite lady has a nice ass! Her ass shows a round shape and proportionate to her petite body.


Feel the sun’s rays with this sexy exposure lying position and make everyone jealous of your curvy ass.


Be confident and show off your sexy 8-hour glass figure. A beautiful pose that makes all men attracted once they’ve see this stance.


Are you impressed yet? More? Okay.


Having a good shape needs massive exercise to maintain that what you call sexy butt and manage to persuade the people with this amazing figure.


Posing at the terrace by wearing this lovely bikini and confidently showing what you’ve got! This girl definitely has what it takes to have a nice ass!


There’s nothing more sexier than posing in a back position and showing your naked ass.


Share a back position selfie and be confident on what you have! This girl is so proud of her non-surgical ass. This is all-natural!


I am impressed. Such beautiful behinds among these sexy girls.


Did you really think we could exclude Beyonce from this list? The beyhive alone is a reason not to (lol) but she really has one of the best asses out there. It is extraordinary when a black woman manages to conquer the world, a feat that Beyonce has achieved after years of hard work. She really rules ( see her famous Run the World video on youtube). She recently released her umpteenth album Lemonade that spew controversy as she claimed in one of the songs that her rapper husband Jay Z cheated on her with ‘Becky with the good hair.’ This news has since made her hundreds of millions in such a short time, proving that business is business. You go girl.

celebritiesofcolor: “ Beyonce performs live at Wembley Stadium as part of Formation Tour ”

Beyonce performs live at Wembley Stadium as part of Formation Tour

 Source: celebrities of colour, tumblr.


Wearing a T-back panty would also provoke a sexiness and appeal! This lady is not only beautiful but also have a well-shape figure.


She’s an eye-catcher among men because of her tempting figure. Belen Francese is an actress and model with an Argentinian nationality. She’s famous for her sexy pictorials in promoting bikinis and loves dancing romantic genres. She reveal her talent in dancing with stripping to make the viewers attentive while doing the sexy dance. You may watch her live performances at Bailando Showmatch TV and witness her breathtaking dance groove like you’ve never seen it before.


Look at Belen’s lovely photo shoots in topless! She’s playing on the sand with her nice body contour.


Another sexy photo shoot of Belen without wearing anything on top! This woman is really hot especially in her T-back!



Intelligence and beauty are the two qualities that defines Jessica Cediel. She’s already 34 this year but look, she’s still hot. Everybody knows her since she’s a journalist recognized among the popular TV shows in Colombia such as Canal RCN, Good Morning, Our Week-Our TV, Salt & Pepper, and Estillo RCN. Moreover, she is definitely a model type because of her gorgeous appearance and 8-hour glass figure.

This hot lady in topless and T-back black bikini deserved to be called a sexy! She’s not only body and beauty but also, an admirable journalist and model. You have everything a man is looking for girl!



One of the most hottie female high-fashion models in America and a friend of Taylor Swift, let’s all meet Gigi Handid. She’s known for her fashion model stance and recently won as the “Model of the Year 2015”. Currently, she’s working with the IMG Models in New York for her fashion career. Aside from being a model, she’s also active on some filmatography scenes and present in some music videos including Surfboard, Simple Things, Bad Blood, Flower, How Deep Is Your Love, Cake by the Ocean, and Pillowtalk.

Even girls would have a crush on her, not only because of her witty talents like modeling and acting but also, she’s gorgeous and sexy. Her body figure almost shapes up like an hour glass. There’s no doubt on why she has a lot of projects coming up because her poise, body built, grace, and appearance would totally commits every jealous girl on suicide. By simply looking at this picture, she’s wearing a mesh dress which makes her more daring to look at.

best-butt-instagrams-09 Bill-Clinton-Nice-Ass


Don’t get ashamed of what you have thus, show off what you’ve got coz you’re blessed with beautiful shape and curves. This pretty lady in white bikini surely makes every men fall down on their knees. Her appearance is already a sinful dream.


Are you still breathing? This woman of love proudly reveals her beautiful body while posing at the sentimental view of the beach. Her curves complement with her tan complexion as well as her pretty face. Her ass is proportionate with her overall body figure that defines her sexiness and appeal.


If you’re heading out for a gym or outdoor exercise, you can wear something fitted and tight to sweat more. You don’t need to sacrifice your style, all you have to do is to wear this stylish yellow and sky blue leggings. It will surely emphasize your shape and attractive sexy back.


Even if this girl is facing front, her shape was still obvious. By wearing this attractive red bikini, this swimsuit will shape up your sexy figure and makes the crowd at the beach or pool look at you. No need to wear a corset to hide the unwanted belly fat because this lovely lady has something to be proud of.


One of the popular selfie girl in the Instagram was Hafiia Mira. She was known for her beautiful figure as she proudly upload her selfies and pics on Instagram. She has mostly 119,000 followers on the Instagram and she quoted, “tempting but dangerous”. She’s a badass and horse lover. She might be a professional equestrian someday.

Apart from being famous on the Instagram, she was also being followed at Tweeter wherein she has 2933 followers. She also added on her profile that aside from being a model, she was also a designer, creative artist, and something lethal?

If you’re interested with her, you may check out her account at @HafiiaMira. She’s definitely an ideal girl that you’re looking for.



If you’re a music lover, you might know her beautiful Australian voice. She’s not just a bad ass but also, a singer, rapper, song writer, model, actress, and director. She’s a woman of talents and performing arts. Her charisma is not only seen because of the voice but also, her body figure.

This lady was known for her curvy ass since her figure was a pear-shape. Also, this photo was taken from the 2014 KIIS FM Jingle Ball Concert whereas she’s wearing a black body contour dress and partner it with checkered pointed toe heeled shoes. She’s was definitely a heartthrob because of her sexy dress and gorgeous face.

2014 Kiis FM Jingle Ball Concert Featuring: Iggy Azalea Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 06 Dec 2014 Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com
2014 Kiis FM Jingle Ball Concert
Featuring: Iggy Azalea
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 06 Dec 2014
Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com


Jennifer Selter a.k.a. Jen is an American that advocate passion in wellness, fitness, and helping others. She has almost 10,000 followers on the Instagram. Her body shoot was an epic again in the history of famous women. She wear a hot bikini in white and red combination.

She won a Hump Day based on her Instagram Photo as she confidently dress up in rainbow colored bikinis. Although her body is petite, she was able to get the perfect contour of sexiness because of her round shape ass.



Jessica Biel is a professional actress and a wife of Justin Timberlake. She’s not just a prominent actress but also a vocalist. She actually started her first career as a vocalist in musical productions. In this photo, she proudly walks along the red carpet of the 2014 Oscar Awards.

She’s not only a woman of career and family oriented but also, she has the sexy figure as if she doesn’t have a child yet. Her white gown perfectly suits on her because of the proportion of her body shape.

Celebrities attend 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Plaza. Featuring: Jessica Biel Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 02 Mar 2014 Credit: Brian To/WENN.com
Celebrities attend 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Plaza.
Featuring: Jessica Biel
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 02 Mar 2014
Credit: Brian To/WENN.com



Get that confidence of yours and have a picture of your sexy curves while playing the sinful water of the beach. This hot babe in this photo is very tempting and attractive to look at.


Be proud of your tan skin and beautiful ass as you pose facing the ground. Boast your sexy butt and let those other women get jealous of your bouncy and booty butt.


Being slim doesn’t mean you don’t have the gift of having a sexy butt. Every woman has their own uniqueness and charm, this lovely lady has her beautiful charisma and shape. She’s cute and hot.


Move those sexy hips and be confident to reveal your booty butt. If you’re going to have a vacation at the beach, you can try this red crank top and pink T-back panties to display your beautiful appearance.


You can easily put up a raging fire because of your sexy pose and curvaceous contour. This young lady is surely an everybody’s bet! Her ass is so amazing and she can confidently wear a T-back white panty.


You can get that body built of yours if you pursue an extreme gymnastics and exercise. This funky woman having tattoos on her arms makes her sexy and cool because of her awesome style and fitness. Her butt was proportionate on her body figure and curvy as well.


When it comes to body building, this lady is amazing because she can lift up a barbell and do massive stunts while she’s having her regular exercise at the gym. She’s not a muscle builder but she’s just molding her body into good shape, size, and condition.

Her wellness and fitness proves a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, she got the dream of every women wants to have – the Huge Butt Size!




This girl shows a sinful look and a beautiful pose of her body. She looks gorgeous in her black bikinis and her round ass makes every man speechless.


If you want to surprise your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband, you can actually do this stance while you’re on bed. This lovely pose while dressing up in lingerie see-through dress will surely make your boy in a “WOW!”


Belen Francese did a professional pictorial again while posing for the notiblog.com and showing off a topless stance. Her gorgeous body proves that by being fit and healthy, you can achieve a beautiful body like Belen. Also, her ass makes every men heat up!



Do you want to surprise your husband in your honeymoon? You can wear this lingerie bikinis with straps. He will surely become aggressive once he sees you in this tempting and lusty dress. You can also emphasize your sexy butt to lure your husband into a deep pleasure!


This girl was surely tempting because she’s showing a peek of her nice body. She has a sexy waist and hips which make her butt look huge and appealing. She would definitely an eye-catcher to all men.


This ebony chick is oozing with sexiness because of her super nice and shaped up ass that looks more stunning in her skin tone, and her whole body is also gorgeous.


Serena Williams is the best Tennis player in the world, and due to her athleticism, her muscles has been brought to good shape, especially her ass that has a beautiful volume because of running inside the tennis court.




The Petite body may mean petite lower body structure, but in this chick’s case, it is not true. As seen in her perfectly round ass with the fine texture of her skin and tone.


This babe is filled with great sexy aura created by her fine body built that is lengthy and sexy. But the main attraction here is her sexy round ass made more beautiful by her skin tone and muscle builds in her legs.


The summer and the beach are the perfect times to show some body and skin, and this hot chick made the right choice and poured some beautiful glance of her perfect round and bubbly butt and long slim back and legs.


Tanned skins are a fine platform for every chick to show-off with her beautiful body built, especially her ass. This one here is the perfect example of it, a babe standing tall with her long slim back, and a round sexy ass in smooth texture and skin tone.



These beautiful bodies and asses are just everywhere. They keep on mesmerizing everyone with their beauty, such as this sexy babe, daring top-less and displaying her super fine ass in round and bubbly shape and smooth skin.


She’s a sporty girl! And it means you can expect her body to be that slim built. Your expectations have been met. Take a look at that cute and bubbly ass of her attracting everyone to take some admirations.


This model’s ass is as beautiful and attractive as her face. Her perfect round ass gives her more attractiveness because of its fine skin tone and shape in a sexy volume of her muscles.


Isn’t she lovely? But she isn’t just lovely, she is also smokin’ hot in that super sexy outfit complimenting her round and bubbly ass with leg muscles popping out with grace.



It’s not just the face and the front that is beautiful, her back is on the brighter side, standing proud in her height and a lovely curvy ass in sun tanned skin.


This chicks butt is as wild as the amazon because of its ferocious sexy shape and skin tone.


Here comes the summer and get ready to be blown away by bootylicious bodies such as this gal with a glorious ass that will make you admire her.


She is as cold as the water in her wet outfit but as hot as the sun in that curvy shaped body and a lovely butt in a dream-filling bubbly shape.


Here’s a little and petite ass but don’t be fooled, its cute small shape will never fail your eyes as it stands out in fine smooth skin and muscles.


Looking at this babe’s daring and irresistible smooth skin and bubbly soft ass will make you have the biggest admirations in your life.


Yes, you are looking at a real fascinating and irrisistible round and curvy ass of a gorgeous woman.


A football player? Well, maybe we can’t argue why she has that literally ‘badass’ figure with fantastic curves and muscle builds.


Bathroom pictures have never been this awesome with a highly admirable ass of a young and beautiful lady whom can be an inspiration for the ladies out there.


She is definitely in a dark and cold place, but her ass is just that beautiful that it can’t be hidden in some darkness because of her interesting shape and smooth looking surface.


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